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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Many things

I have been so busy doing many things. Multi-tasking sure is hard. I'm not going to go in details but I have been a busy bee. I am also having computer problems with our desktop that I have to use the laptop to fix the blog. It's not letting me put in any pictures at all. So therefore, I'm blogging late. Better late than never...
October 25 - Wednesday
Nestle and Max restaurant
Eulla trying to eat the Nestle DIBS
We went to Nestle to get some chocolates for Halloween. Mom has a friend that worked at Nestle, so they were able to get a lot of chocolates for a discounted price. The Nestle building was at Glendale. Since we were at Glendale, we went to Max restaurant to treat the birthday celebrant for lunch...Rosalie!Eulla playing while waiting for the food
After eating rice, Eulla still had her milkHappy Birthday ROSALIE
posted by Eubelle at 9:01 PM


i've been sooo busy too. it's hard to multi-task and take care of the kids at the same time. Ü hope you get to finish everything you need to do soon! Ü then no more stress. Ü

2:54 PM  

thanks. i cant wait to just sit and relax at home with no worries except play and take care of eulla.

hopefuly that will be after her birthday :)

5:14 PM  

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