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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sleepless nights

I feel like we are back to when Eulla was just born...Sleepless nights and getting up to comfort her. She has been crying in the wee hours and Eumir and I dont know what's wrong. I am blogging in the middle of the night while Eumir is out looking at a 24 hours Walgreens pharmacy for a hyland's teething table - all natural. It's supposed to be very effective according to a couple of moms who recommended it to us once Eulla starts teething again.

For some reason Eumir and I think that her molars are coming out because of her symptoms.

10 to 14 months
First molars
Double teeth for chewing

Symptom are: Low grade fever, not sleeping well, biting and gnawing, drooling, and irrability.
She definitely has all of the above symptoms. I just hope that she feels better soon so that she can have a good night's rest. She is also not drinking her milk as much as she does so I hope she'll be back to normal soon.
posted by Eubelle at 1:51 AM


awww...hope she feels better soon.

8:43 AM  

thanks, she is finally sleeping. we were able to find the teeting tablets. it worked really well. she has not slept well since monday.

3:01 PM  

yeah, don't we feel helpless everytime we don't know what's wrong with them?.. and if only we could switch places and be in their shoes just to make them feel better...we would but we can't.. c";)..huhuhu...

but good thing though that there are resources available in the net that could somehow alleviate our worries.. especially at the wee hours of the night when we find it difficult to get in touch with their pedias.. at least, we feel relieved somehow if given an idea at least as to what could possibly be wrong..

that's what i have been doing...everytime there's new or unusual about je, i get my resources in the net, helps ease my pain and worry somehow... (i post them in my entries to help educate the readers too..especially first time moms)

if it would help,please read je's entry on "SYMPTOMS OF TEETHING?" and "THE BEAST IN ME" (just click on the category link-milestones, archived in july and september).. articles on how to alleviate teething pains are included in those blog entries.. they definitely worked wonders for je, gave comfort during teething pains!

anyway, we hope she feels better..

hugs to you baby eulla... please feel better.

11:23 PM  

res: thank you so much! you know, eulla has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on the bottom) she never went through what she's going through now. she started getting her teeth at 4 months but she didn't have any problems at all. we were panicking because she would not stop crying for a whole hour. i dont want to go through that again. i felt so helpless :(

again, thanks for the advise

11:54 AM  

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