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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Twins Party

Today we went to the Esteban twins party. They turned 2 years old. They are the twins that lives next door to Mom & Dad's house. Eulla grew up with them, so Eulla knows them well. She usually walks and plays with them late afternoon when we lived near them so we couldn't miss their birthday!
Early morning, around 10am, we went to the mall to get the twins their birthday gift but, we went too early and the mall was not open yet. The twin's party was at 11am at a buffet at Sylmar.
Here's Eumir and Eulla at the mall
We picked up Jun and Dad at their house since the buffet was just a two minute drive from them. We were there at a little before 12pm and stayed till 1pm right after the twins blew their candles. We had to leave early because we are not done buying house stuff.
We went to Valencia to get some stools for the counter and a frame for the fire place. We are just about set, all we are waiting for is the delivery of our couch. After that, we are ready to have visitors :)
Eulla with her goody bag
posted by Eubelle at 8:35 PM


wow! twins?!?! boy and girl! Ü that's what i want! hehehe.

3:13 PM  

want NEXT charmaine???

8:18 PM  

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