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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whole milk it is!

I missed Dr. Farrohi's call around 4pm yesterday and I called her back today. She said that I should switch Eulla's milk to fresh whole milk and see how she reacts to it. But before I do, she should have gone number 2 so I can keep track if she gets constipated or the other way around.

Eulla's adjustment to her consumption of her formula has been really good. She is eating more and she only wants milk one or twice in the morning and one at night before she goes to sleep at 5-6oz each. Before I even tried lessening her consumption, she has been self weaning herself and so, I didn't have much problems. As for whole milk, I'm still waiting on Eumir to help me start her on it. She still has at least a month supply of her Enfamil Prosobee and I'm planing to finish it up first. Plus, I'm changing the temperature of her milk to room temperature. Eulla is so used to drinking warm milk and now, Eumir and I are trying to adjust her milk temperature to room temperature gradually. My oh my, lots of changes. So far Eulla's doing really well.


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Eulla with a slight fever
We will be starting Eulla on a new schedule. So far, Eulla has been quite good when it comes to change so hopefully this will work out. Now that Eulla is 12 months old, her pediatrician recommended that we start to lessen her milk intake from 24oz per day to 16oz. No more than that or lesser would be better. I will try to stick to the schedule I've prepared so that it will be an easier transition for the both of us. Eulla is supposed to be having 5 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Her snacks can consist of cheese, yogurt, cereal or fruits. I have to go grocery shopping with Eumir again to get ready for this. Before, I would give her milk just as long as she asks for it or when I think she wants it but now, instead of giving the milk to her, I will try to give her juice or water with a snack till she's used to it. Her pediatrician also recommended that we give her milk in a sippy cup and just water in her bottle so that it will make her want her bottle less.

I am currently waiting for Eulla's pediatrician call me back for an advise on whether I should also change her Enfamil Prosobee LIPIL to fresh whole milk. I'm scared to change her milk at once because she needed a special kind of milk. I breastfed her from her birth till her fourth month. Her change from being breastfed to formula made her really constipated. I've heard many horror stories about the change from formula to whole milk so I will just wait.

I have read this and I will try it once Dr. Farrohi tells me that we need to change her milk. Let's hope it all goes a-okay.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

12 Months Well Baby Check Up

A little before 3:00PM, we went to Northridge Hospital to Dr. Farrohi's clinic. It only took us less than 10 minutes to get there this time because we live closer to the hospital.
We only waited 5 minutes to be called in the room. We had to do the usual routine which is undress her and get her set to be measured and weighed. Once Eumir and I did that to Eulla, she sensed right away that she will be getting her shots. Quickly, she wanted to hold on tight to either one of us. Eumir had to be weighed with her then weigh Eumir and do the math to get her weight. She would not stay in the infant scale. I knew that it would be hard to even get her on the doctor's infant bed. So, once all is done, the doctor came and decided that she will check Eulla while she is on Dada's lap and it worked out fine. BUT! after that, they prepared her shots, 3 shots I might add (MMR, Varicella, HIB, Pneumococcal)! It's supposed to be 4 but the doctor combined 2 of them. She got one shot on the arm, one shot on the left thigh and the last one on her right thigh. Oh boy, it was a big fight. Her pediatrician said that she remembers her last shot real well and that is the reason she was hollering. My poor baby!
Head circumference: 18 1/4"
Length: 29 1/4"
Weight: 21lbs
After a visit to the doctor, we went to Northridge Mall. It was time for Eulla's snack so we went straight to Aunite Aunts to get her favorite pretzel. It's also one of our favorite snack. After her snack, we decided to give Eulla 1.6 of tylenol with her lemonade because we didn't want her to go through what she did the last time (fever, crying, clingy, needy, & a sleepless night).

We wanted to treat Eulla after beeing quite good at the clinic, so we brought her to the playtown of Northridge Mall. We stayed there for 15-20 minutes. I didn't want her to stay longer than that because the doctor said she needs her rest so we went home right after that. Well, not quite ... on our way home Dada and I decided to go grocery shopping for sopas soup. Eulla fell asleep once we put her on her car seat so Eulla and I just waited in the car while Dada did the shopping. After that, we really went home.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Banana Strawberry Mini Fruits vs. Butterfinger Crisp

For lunch, Eulla and I had salmon with upo. A few hours after lunch, we had our snack. Eulla had her favorite bite size banana strawberry snack while I had my chocolate.
Here Mama, try some of my snack

Hmmmm, GOOD!

Eumir taught Eulla how to say HMMMM. So every time she picks up one peice, even before she eats the banana or strawberry, she says hmmmm. LOL!

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Rain, rain go away...

It is freezing today! It started raining early morning and while Eumir got ready for work and got Eulla's milk arond 6am, I decided to stay in bed...BRRRRRRR! The heater has been on the whole time. I am dressed in layers and my feet are still cold. I was planning to go to Target with Eulla for lunch but I changed my mind. She is taking her nap now.
It's getting harder and harder for me to update her blog and album now. I end up saving my post for more that 4 days and publish it when I get the chance. Eulla is so active now that I cant stay on the computer that long because once I don't look after her every single minute, it's the time she would get a bruise on her cheeks, forehead or legs. Like what my mother in law said, it's okay not to have anything done but just as long as Eulla is safe and having fun. So for you readers out there, I'm sorry for the delay. The next time you wonder why I have not posted anything, you'll know what I am doing :)


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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birthday Party Again

We went to do some more shopping to take advantage of the SALES. As you all can see, I was not able to post anything on FRIDAY because we had so much fun SHOPPING. I was able to do all my Christmas shopping for the kids (all the kids on my list). I loved seeing the price tags from last night increase today. I really SAVED so much shopping early yesterday. The early bird special was the best! Eumir and Eulla was a huge part of my savings because they both would go in line for me as I go around getting stuff on my list! Yehey, that's all I can say. Thank you LOVE for letting me SHOP till I dropped. LOVE YOU!
For Dinner, we went to another birthday party at Glendale. We ate at MAX restaurant. The food was great. Eumir and I promised each other that our "good" diet starts tomorrow. "Good" meaning not necessarily cutting down but trying to eat more healthy. I think it would be too hard to really go on a diet with so much occasions coming up. I just need to lose the flab on my tummy while Eumir *ehem* basta diet!

Sinigang na bangus, kripy pata, kare-kare, sisig, chicken skin

To the PAGUYO's...thank you for having us share one of your special day! HAPPY 44th BIRTHDAY KUYA RICK!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fix, fix, & fix

Today is the day Eumir and I decided to fix the house. We have so much clutter from the move and the parties that we have not had much time to fix up the house. I also boxed more of Eulla's summer clothes. I can't beleive it took two big boxes. Finally, Eulla's room is somewhat fixed. Just need to file some paperwork and buy a table for the printer and the room is done. We divided Eulla's room into two. The first half is her room with toys and the other half is the desk with the computer desktop and Eumir's bookshelf.
Eulla has been so active lately. She walks, run, go up anything that she can and puts everything she sees on the floor in her mouth. She needs to be watched closely every time.
Also, Eulla has been kind of clingy. She likes to be carried after her strenuous work out *wink* if you know what I mean. I would guess that since she's been so active, she would want more milk and solid food but I'm wrong. Since last night, she has not been drinking her milk. Every time I would think that she wants her milk, Eumir or I would get it ready for her but to our amazement, she doesn't want it. I WONDER WHY?!? I'm thinking she might be self-weaning. I'm not sure. All I know is that she has cut down on her formula. On Tuesday, it will be her well baby check up. I will ask her pediatrician. I moved her pedia check up to 3pm because Eumir can't make it in the morning plus, it's better in the afternoon because after her check up, maybe we can go somewhere...ehem!


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Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had THANKSGIVING 2006 at Dad and Mom's house. They whole VILLANUEVA family shared lunch together. All I can remember is that I was so FULL! Eulla liked her first taste of honeybaked ham with cheese and bread. Since everyone was talking about previous thanksgiving 10 years ago, all we can do is eat, eat and eat. Eulla got bored inside so Dada and her went for a stroll around the neighborhood while Bernie and Uncle Jun went on their skateboard. It got too cold for Eulla to stay outside so we brought her inside. She tried to play with her BOY cousins inside the house.
Going for a stroll while Dada listened to his football game in his new SONY portable radio with TV channels.

Jun and Bernie taking a pose

I asked Bernie why he doesn't have his helmet and knee pad on and you know what he said?!? "well, uncle jun doesn't have his on and i don't need it anymore because I'm a BIG boy now." JUN!!! See what kids see!!! Monkey see, monkey do.


Mom has been cooking our turkey for more than a decade now.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bounce and Spin Zeebra and Ice cream

november 22
Ice scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!
Eulla had her first taste of her Dada's favorite drumstick. Eulla liked it although she didn't have any of the chocolate part. She kept running after her Dada for a bite of it. They also shared their bite of the cone.Hey Dada, save me some!

november 21

Last night, Eumir assembled Eulla's toy. When she saw her Dada opening the box, she quickly went beside him to try and help him put it together. She had her eye on the screwdriver. When she saw her Dada put it down, she grabbed it. I had to take it away from her and she patiently waited for the toy to be assembled.
She didn't want to go on it last night. She would just rather play beside it. But today, I put her on it and counted 1, 2, 3! and started bouncing her up and down while spinning her slowly. She started laughing and giggling. She enjoyed it so much that when I took her out of it, she pulled my hands to put her back on it. I got tired of bouncing her. She's not tall enough to go on it by herself. The toy states that she can go on it till she's 36 months. We're gonna have lots of fun playing with her new toy.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Unwrapping gifts

Finally, after all the partying we've been doing, I had time to unwrap some of Eulla's present with her. She had a nice time trying to eat the gift wraps while I had to chase her around to get it from her. She thought I was running after her. So the more I ran, the more she ran AWAY from me.

She has so many new toys. The best part is they are mostly learning toys. I just need to exchange some of it because she already have some of it. Thank goodness for return receipts! That's only the toys, the clothes, I ended up folding some of the big clothes and the exact fit, I washed and hunged in her closet. The checks and cash, I deposited for Eulla's savings. We are so blessed. Thank you so much for your gifts!

Here's Eulla laughing while I ran after her

So many TOYS...where am I going to put all these?!?

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Florizel's Party

Happy Birthday to Tita Florizel!!!

We celebrated Florizel's birthday at Dad and Mom's house. She turned 28 today. As usual, Eulla was full of energy. She saw many kids and wanted to join them but they were all too big for her so I mostly just stood behind her while she watched the toddlers play.
(Jun, send me the pics from your cam of Florizel's party)

We went to Eumir's relatives at Oxnard to watch the Pacquiao fight. Yepeee!!! 3rd go Pacquiao. Filipino Pride!
Of course, when we go to Oxnard, we always eat LOBSTER with Auntie Nene,Uncle Reylen and the rest of the gang. Thank you for the take home Lobster!!!

More gifts...
Eulla seems to be used to going to different places and meeting new people. She doesn't cling on to me as much. She does only for a few minutes and when she sees us laughing and mingling, she starts to walk around and entertain everyone by showing off.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Party for November

Lunch time: We went to Mom's work for Tita Amelia's 1st surprise party (with friends and co-workers)
At All Saints Healthcare ( 11:30- 2:00PM)

Dinner time:We went to Max Restaurant for Tita Amelia's 2nd surprise party (with family). Happy 47 th Birthday TITA AMELIA!!!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


It has been so long since Eumir, Eulla and I have stayed home on a weekday. We had plans in going grocery shopping when Eumir comes home from work but I had the worse headache ever! Yup, it's that time of the month for me.
It all worked out well. Since I had a major headache, we decided that we'll order Papa John's pizza (the works) for dinner. After dinner, we just sat back and relaxed. Watched my Filipino soap opera (Maging sino ka man) then we watched CLICK! It is the best movie of Adam Sandler that I've seen. We loved the movie. Eulla sat through most part of it. She was such a good girl. When we laughed, she laughed when we cried, she watched us cried and when we clapped, she was happy as well. Thank you Ate and Vic for lending us the DVD. It ended up to be such a nice evening. My headache went away. For now, I gotta wash Eulla's bottle. Caio!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Molars and a baby shower

Gosh, it was a long and hard 2-3 weeks waiting for Eulla's molar to come out. It is finally out! One finally cut her gums after 2 weeks of sleepless nights at random days. There's days when Eumir and I got to sleep straight at night but there were more days of sleepless nights. Finally...that's all I can say.
I saw it at exactly 8:00am this morning when she cried to be carried. I saw blood. I got scared and looked where it was coming from. Then I saw her big pearly white tooth! At the age of one, Eulla has her 4 front teeth upper and lower plus her molar.

I have no problem in having Eulla brush her teeth. Every time Eumir and I brush our teeth she quickly asks for her toothbrush. I just help her brush her teeth in the morning and at night to thoroughly get her gums and teeth clean. I usually use a gauze and her toothbrush with an infant toothpaste and just rub her bums and teeth. She does not even budge, she would just let me brush her teeth BUT...there's a catch to it. I have to leave her toothbrush with her till she's done btiing on it like her teether.
Top picture:Eulla with Tita Amelia at Ate's baby shower.

At lunch time, we went to Ate's baby shower at All Saint's Healthcare. We (family, friends, and co-workers) surprised her. She was so surprised! Eulla once again, enjoyed the party.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Party at Palmdale

There are so many people that we know that has a birthday in November! One of them is Eulla's Ate Isabela. Isabela turned 4 years old today. We went to Lancaster to celebrate with her, her birthday party at a Japanese Restaurant. We left for Lancaster around 6 pm. We picked up Trina and Jun at Mom's place. Eumir drove going there and Jun drove back because Eumir came from work and needed some if he rested in the car. All I did was talk and talk to him because Eulla fell asleep as we were leaving Lancaster.

L:Eulla with Isabela's ballons, M:Eulla with Ate Miriam, Kuya Rick, Ninong Jun and the birthday celebrant ISABELA, R: With Ninang Trina and Ninong Jun

Eulla thought that she was old enough to be like her Ate Isabela that she just kept running after her and her friends. Eulla is walking pretty fast now. Eumir and I had to take turns to rest and to be able to enjoy our dinner. Whew! what a night!


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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Eulla's birthday party started out pretty early. The invitation says party starts at 1:30 and would you believe, some came at 1:30pm! Yepee, not Filipino time nor California time (as they would call it here). Unfortunately, we only got set up by 2:00pm because of some food that had to be picked up, like the cake. But, it all worked out well because the visitors that came early had time to chat and the kids just started bouncing up and down, side to side in the bouncer. Thank god for bouncers!

The party turned out GREAT! Eulla only took one nap. She only slept with Dada at 2pm till 2:30 and that was it. Eulla had a blast. She loved being sang to with her HAPPY BIRTHDAY song. She enjoyed the crowd. I was shocked to see her dancing and entertaining guest. She even went with some of the visitors while she showed them her famous beautiful eyes. What else can I say, we all enjoyed the party!

Thank you everyone for coming and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful presents!


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Jun, Trina, Tita Marivic, Eulla and I went to COSTCO to buy a few more things for the party. I had to bring them along because I had to buy alcoholic beverages and Jun is the expert on that while Trina is the expert in mixing drinks. We bought beer, vodka to brown ale beer, whatever that is. I am not very fond of drinking but my visitors are. Would you believe it, they carded me! They thought I was not old enough to buy alcoholic beverage. Sometime it's very flattering but this time, a hastle. We also went to Ralphs to buy some ginger ale and some mixers and guess what, they carded me AGAIN! How old do I look?!? Hayyy....

Sorry guys, no pictures of Eulla. Been really busy running errands. I will post some soon. Its almost Eulla's birthday!! Counting down ... 2 days left.
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ikea and Malls

We went to IKEA to get Eumir's bookcase. We have so much engineering books that we need more than one. Eulla helped me watch the cart while we waited for Dada to get the SUV to load the boxes. She was so happy that she can move the cart. But before going to IKEA, we went to two malls to try and find the infant boots from GAP as well as her skirt and sweater. Finally, we've completed her outfit and the same goes for me and Eumir :)
We also celebrated Trina's birthday Nov 4. Eulla had a chance to practice blowing a cake but she only looked at it. Looks like she just wanted to touch it.
Happy Birthday Ninang Trina!!!
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Hello Kitty Birthday

We went to Bloomingdales to get Eulla's outfit for her birthday and to our luck, they were celebrating Hello Kitty's birthday the whole week at the mall. We immediately went in line to be able to take pictures with her. It was $2.00 for a shot, then if you have a camera, you can take pictures while the camera woman was taking pictures. Of course, Dada didn't just get one shot but many!!!
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Friday, November 03, 2006

CSUN & Portos Bakery

We started the day going to Northridge mall to buy some candies at the Sweet Factory for Eulla's give aways. Then, we went to CSUN for Jun to inquire and try to enroll for his EIT review class. After, we went to our favorite bakery with Uncle Jun and Ninang Trina. Trina and I tasted different cakes for Eulla's birthday cake while Jun and Eulla slept in the SUV. Hmmm, it was all good! Couldn't decide which one to get but definitely the Hello Kitty theme.
I didn't get to take any pictures at all, this is the 2nd day I have not taken a single photo of Eulla. I will try to take some of her this weekend.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

More pics

All taken on November 1st. I'm having a hard time posting pictures.

At the Topanga Mall Posted by Picasa
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After Halloween

All we did most of the day was bum at Mom's house. Around 4PM, we all decided that we will take a walk at Topanga Mall. (Eumir will be home late because him and his boss went to Bakersfield to visit some projects and have Eumir fix the problems at the Bakerfield office...yup, that's how good Dada is!) We all ended up just strolling for a few minutes. Then we all ate at Auntie Aunts and Hot Dog on a stick even after we've had a heavy dinner. What a way of exercising! At least I did. I brought Eulla to the playground while Mom, Dad and Tita Marivic chat by the playground eating their pretzels and hot dog. Jun however was so excited of Trina's arrival that all he can think about is her while he strolled around the mall.
Also bought Eulla 2 pairs of shoes while we were there.
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