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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Jun, Trina, Tita Marivic, Eulla and I went to COSTCO to buy a few more things for the party. I had to bring them along because I had to buy alcoholic beverages and Jun is the expert on that while Trina is the expert in mixing drinks. We bought beer, vodka to brown ale beer, whatever that is. I am not very fond of drinking but my visitors are. Would you believe it, they carded me! They thought I was not old enough to buy alcoholic beverage. Sometime it's very flattering but this time, a hastle. We also went to Ralphs to buy some ginger ale and some mixers and guess what, they carded me AGAIN! How old do I look?!? Hayyy....

Sorry guys, no pictures of Eulla. Been really busy running errands. I will post some soon. Its almost Eulla's birthday!! Counting down ... 2 days left.
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advanced happy birthday eulla!

have a blast on your big day!

let tita res know what you want for your birthday.. we will try our best to send it to you..

hugs and kisses from me, tito juju and baby jeje! mwah!

7:00 PM  

from baby eulla:
thank you so much tito jun, tita res and baby jeje!

hope I meet you soon!

4:25 PM  

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