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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello Kitty Birthday

We went to Bloomingdales to get Eulla's outfit for her birthday and to our luck, they were celebrating Hello Kitty's birthday the whole week at the mall. We immediately went in line to be able to take pictures with her. It was $2.00 for a shot, then if you have a camera, you can take pictures while the camera woman was taking pictures. Of course, Dada didn't just get one shot but many!!!
posted by Eubelle at 9:58 AM


who was more or eulla? Ü hehehe

9:38 PM  

i got really excited but after we took pictures, eulla was the one that wanted to come back to her. we walked towards her a couple of times and eulla wanted to tug on her dress to be carried.

8:43 AM  

hey hello kitty!!!! :D

wow, how kikay can we both get?! i grew up loving her... and i still love her!

as child, i was an adoring fan of hello kitty that i collected almost anything and everything from sanrio.. (in gift gate in greenhills, on the way home (cause i studied in st paul pasig-not sure if you are familiar cause i think you grew up in the states?)-, we would always pass by at gift gate).. i have with me until this time my collection, from scotch tape, stapler, pillowhead, kitty head coin bank, coin purses, pencil caps and all the works! my sisters and i even have the BETAMAX tape (how geriatric!) of HK and the other characters of SANRIO in a christmas special with lea salonga when she was still small.. but of course, no longer working, besides no more BETAMAX player to watch it with...hehehe..
but that was as a child..

but now, now that i have learned to go places, i've discovered a new place (way cheaper!) to get my HK stuff from.. not sure again if you are familiar.. do you go bargain shopping as in with all the haggling? cause it's in TUTUBAN.. in DIVISORIA..
it's a store called, "ORIG NA MURA".. and they have all the HK stuff from wall clocks to lamps to trash bins and all! at a very very very CHEAP price!!!

when you are here, let me know, and i'll bring you there.. i'm sure you'd go crazy whacko too!

lucky for you, you have a baby girl to share your passion with and for you to give your collection to..

but who knows? maybe down the road, i'll have a girl too? yaiks!

6:50 PM  

I've always LOVED hello kitty. My room in the Philippines was full of HK stuff. I was not able to bring all of it here :( but I still have a vast of collection of hello kitties. I loved her when I was small and up until now. I remember how all my allowance would go to all the Sanrio stuff till I was in high school but the stores here are not called gift gate but Sanrio.
I had a chance to buy some HK stuff at divisoria when I was there. Good thing, they have remodeled according to my mom. Thank you so much for the offer! I will definitely have to got shopping with you when I go back there.

4:34 PM  

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