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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ikea and Malls

We went to IKEA to get Eumir's bookcase. We have so much engineering books that we need more than one. Eulla helped me watch the cart while we waited for Dada to get the SUV to load the boxes. She was so happy that she can move the cart. But before going to IKEA, we went to two malls to try and find the infant boots from GAP as well as her skirt and sweater. Finally, we've completed her outfit and the same goes for me and Eumir :)
We also celebrated Trina's birthday Nov 4. Eulla had a chance to practice blowing a cake but she only looked at it. Looks like she just wanted to touch it.
Happy Birthday Ninang Trina!!!
posted by Eubelle at 6:57 PM


more shoes?!?!? hahaha. Ü

happy birthday trina!

8:48 AM  

i really really bad but eumir was the one who insisted that we get her boots. im not complaining :)

i'll let trina know.

8:56 AM  

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