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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Eulla with a slight fever
We will be starting Eulla on a new schedule. So far, Eulla has been quite good when it comes to change so hopefully this will work out. Now that Eulla is 12 months old, her pediatrician recommended that we start to lessen her milk intake from 24oz per day to 16oz. No more than that or lesser would be better. I will try to stick to the schedule I've prepared so that it will be an easier transition for the both of us. Eulla is supposed to be having 5 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Her snacks can consist of cheese, yogurt, cereal or fruits. I have to go grocery shopping with Eumir again to get ready for this. Before, I would give her milk just as long as she asks for it or when I think she wants it but now, instead of giving the milk to her, I will try to give her juice or water with a snack till she's used to it. Her pediatrician also recommended that we give her milk in a sippy cup and just water in her bottle so that it will make her want her bottle less.

I am currently waiting for Eulla's pediatrician call me back for an advise on whether I should also change her Enfamil Prosobee LIPIL to fresh whole milk. I'm scared to change her milk at once because she needed a special kind of milk. I breastfed her from her birth till her fourth month. Her change from being breastfed to formula made her really constipated. I've heard many horror stories about the change from formula to whole milk so I will just wait.

I have read this and I will try it once Dr. Farrohi tells me that we need to change her milk. Let's hope it all goes a-okay.

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posted by Eubelle at 11:46 AM


get well soon eulla! and good luck with fresh milk.

9:51 PM  

thanks. so far eulla is consuming less than 16oz per day but when she does ask for it, i definitely give her even if it exeeds the 16oz limit. i still have not started her on whole milk. i'm contemplating whether i should or not.

5:41 PM  

wow, you breastfed her that long? lucky for you got to do that... i didn't get to experience too much in breastfeeding botchi... i only did it once and that was it...

cause i was hospitalized and had to take in a lot antibiotics that hindered me from breastfeeding him... i wanted so much to do so, but just couldn't..

wow, you really are minimizing her formula intake... i wonder why we weren't told to do the same? maybe because eulla is now a year old?

9:21 PM  

yah, you had a tough pregnancy but jeje is still healthy!

over here, once they turn 1 you cannot give them more than 16oz a day but a lot of filipinos i've talked to said that they didn't if their kids had a hard time with the change but with eulla, i was lucky because she started self-weaning. formulas can be very expensive. my budget is $250 per month on formulas alone. so yepee for us, savings!

9:55 AM  

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