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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve

I wanted to start off the new year with a spotless house. I was so excited to use my new yellow gloves that we bought at Target yesterday. I figured, I wont have to cause mom so much trouble getting gloves for me. I started cleaning up and then I washed the dishes and Eulla's bottles. Anyways, I HAD THE WORST allergy after 3 minutes when I removed it. I had hives all over. We called mom right away so that we can leave Eulla with them while Eumir and I go to the ER at Northridge Hospital. I also took some Claritin as soon as I saw my body turning red. After a few minutes, Mom called and she said to have Eumir buy some Benadryl Antihistamine and just take it instead of going to the ER. When Eumir got home with the meds, I was feeling better already. So we went off with our plans for the day which is to visit the new baby in our family - Daniel James Aberin.

Bryant and Daniel James Aberin

Born:12/28/06 at 8:39am, 6lbs 13oz

We went to San Dimas after eating lunch at Sanamluang with the whole family. We spent a few hours at my cousin's house at San Dimas with Daniel and the new Kuya Bryant. Then we went home to do the count down at Dad and Mom's house. Too bad Eulla was asleep while we did our countdown but after a few minutes, she woke up with a mad face like "why are you all so loud". I was not able to take too many pictures because Eulla wanted to be carried after she was awaken with our loud cheers.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots of things

First of all, Eulla's 4th molar finally came out at December 27. It is also the 4th night that Eumir and I haven't given Eulla milk in the middle of the night. She's been okay. Luckily no crying and screaming. It's getting harder and harder for me to get up and heat up her milk in the microwave (lazy mom-it's cold!). I usually get it at 2-3am and Eumir gets it at 6am. Her pediatrician scared me with toothaches. She said if I dont stop giving her milk in the middle of the night, she might get a tooth decay and she does NOT need it. So, Eumir and I finally decided to try it out Christmas eve. So far it's been great. More sleep for us and no changing pampers in the middle of the night, Yepee!!! Hopefully by next year it's all good!
Unfortunately, there is a bad news. Eulla had a slight fever last night. We came from Topanga Mall again, and when we got home, she had a cold then a fever of a 100 degrees around 9:30pm. We gave her tylenol and so far, she's still playful. It doesn't seem to bother her. Her nose is not that stuffed up but she has been sneezing a lot. Hope it doesn't turn into a flu.
Yesterday, Irene (cousin) gave birth to a baby boy- Daniel James V. Aberin. We will be visiting her and the baby soon. I just need to find out when she's up for visitors. Another boy in the family. Eulla is still the PRINCESS!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's hailing!

Eulla at Topanga Mall riding a car

Talk about a tiring weekend. Eumir also had after Christmas as a vacation. We (Eumir, Eulla, Uncle Jun, Ninang Trina, Daddy Pogi, Kenneth, Tita Marivic & I) went to Topanga Mall to shop the after Christmas Sale and ate at CPK between lunch and dinner. There was so many people and all the stores looked like it was hit by a tornado. Eulla walked with her grandpa while Eumir and I shopped with the rest of the gang. She had so much fun because Dad is such a spoiler. Eulla loves Daddy Pogi. Just the sight of him always makes her smile. I guess it's cause she can get away with almost anything with him.
Today, it started hailing around 3am then hailed again at 2pm. I was going to bring Eulla outside but I dont want her to catch a cold. It is freezing as usual but I have to say, the weather was perfect at Christmas Day (75 degrees). Anyways, Eulla once again has added so many toys and clothes to her room. I still have to open up a few more gifts but I'd like to Thank everyone for the wonderful gifts!
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
We celebrated Christmas Day at Dad and Mom's house.

Eulla playing
Playing majong...


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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Noche Buena

Eulla opening one of her gifts
We went to San Diego for the weekend. Saturday morning, we left Los Angeles. It took us four and a half hours to get to San Diego because they closed freeway 15. What a tiring trip! Eulla was a pretty good girl despite the traffic. All she did was watch Monsters Inc. and Shrek. As soon as we got there, we only rested for a few hours and then we went shopping to finish up our Christmas list at the Navy Exchange.
Christmas Eve, we still ended up going to Nordstrom to peek on what is on the racks. We ended up buying stuff just for the three of us. Thank you love for the Chirstmas bonus splurge!
Once we got back to Aunitie's house, Eumir's family had already prepared for Noche Buena. We saw so much food! We started eating before the visitors had arrived because we planned to be back at Mom's house for Christmas Day. All I was able to take pictures of, was the food. We got so busy telling and listening to stories. We had a great time at San Diego. Thank you so much to the Ramirez-Runato Family!

Food for Noche Buena

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

So COLD!!!

I had so many things planned out for the day but I got so lazy because it is soooo COLD outside! It's hard to carry Eulla and her diaper bag then walk down to the garage. I decided to just wait for Eumir to get home from work. (Doesn't make any sense, I know, even colder. I just can't seems to leave the house without Eumir. I always think twice before going out when Eumir is at work.) Oh well, colder tonight but Eulla and I will have Dada around =)
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We went to Vic & Ate's house to celebrate Vic's birthday. Here are some picture of the family.
Eulla's molars at her right side are beginning to come out. I can see it and her gums are so red. Some of the corners of her lower molar are out. She had a hard time last night. She cried around 3am and Eumir and I gave her milk and her teething tablet. After that, she slept till 8:30am. Thank goodness for the teething tablet.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Child Safety

The whole day, we (Eulla and I) were at Santa Clarita with Ate and Ethan. We had to help bring Bernie to school early morning then go shopping, then go back to pick up Bernie from school at 3pm, then treat the kids (Bernie, Eulla and Ethan) to Toys r Us and shop some more.
At Toys r Us, I finally found what Eumir and I had been talking about. We've been discussing how we can childproof the fireplace. It has sharp corners and Eulla likes to hang around there because her lovesac is there. Finally, around the fire place is safe for Eulla to play without us having to worry all the time. The same goes for the bathtub. Eulla likes to stay in the tub for a while after her bath and it can be really slippery. I also got an anti slip pad for her.

Eumir installing the fireplace guard

Before... and After

Tonight will be the coldest night of the year. Low 20's, in the valley!!! Yikes! Stay warm everyone.


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Monday, December 18, 2006

Snack Shopping

Since Eulla had been easier to bring anywhere, I decided to buy a lot of pick up food for her so I can just give her some while we are in the car. I got so excited shopping for snacks that it took me a while picking which would be good for her. I got her lots of supply of her favorite banana strawberry snack since we are going to San Diego for the weekend. I totally recommend these snacks. Eulla LOVES them but when it comes to fruits, Eumir and I try to give her the real thing unless its hard to . Like when we are out on the road.
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

So proud!

Today is the second time I've left Eulla with Eumir alone. The first time was when Ate gave birth (12/09). I am so proud of Dada! I left around 12:30pm to get my hair done. My appointment was a t 1:00pm. I got my hair rebonded and it takes at least 3 hours to get it done. I got home around 4:30pm but before I got home, I gave them a call and I was so happy to hear that everything is going well. Dada has not only fed Eulla lunch but had quality time with her (playing, watching and just plain talking to each other). After all the activities they had, Dada also made Eulla her favorite snack, melted cheese on croissant. Of course, Dada had some too. Good job Dada! Thank you LOVE!!!! MWAH!!!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006


It is raining hard! We went to Arcadia for my ortho appointment in the morning then we went to the mall to see Santa and to take a picture with him.
Finally, after a long wait, we were able to take pictures with Santa. Eulla was so bored in line that by the time it was our turn to take pictures with Santa, she was not in the mood. Once she sat on Santa, she wanted to come with me. Eumir and I decided to just take pictures with Santa or else, Eulla will NOT sit on his lap alone. The picture came out okay despite Eulla wanting to sit with me instead. Good thing she didn't cry. Our picture with Santa...Tada!!!

(look at where eulla's right hand is at...she want's me to carry her instead)

Pictures while we waited in line

After, we also had to wait a little longer because their CD burner was not working and we wanted to make this our Christmas cards. They has us wait for 30 minutes to get the CD. What's done is done, we got the package and it's paid for and so therefore, we waited.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Additional weekend

Hehehe, I know what your all saying, BUT...we had to!

We turned another weekday into a weekend. Eumir and I were not satisfy that we didn't get our whole weekend so therefore, we got the whole two day weekend and more like a four day weekend for Dada.

We just stayed at home and relax. We also had visitors for a little while. Ate, Vic and Ethan came over for lunch. Ethan had his check up at Kaiser and since it is close by, they dropped by for lunch. Eulla was so amazed with Ethan. Luckily, all she did was sit beside him and stare at him like a good little girl and not smash him up hehehe (just kidding ate). Just saw Eulla get a bit jealous when she saw me carry Ethan but she was okay. Now that we saw Ethan, I cant believe how big my little girl has gotten.

Yummy Dada, more please!
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekday turned Weekend

Since we all got excited over the new family member during the weekend, we decided to make Monday a weekend. Eumir took the day off so we can do our weekend plans and finish up our Christmas shopping. But first, one of our weekend plan was to face Eulla's car seat forward during her 13 month so she can start seeing the view when we ride the SUV. Another thing is to assemble her new DVD on each headrest permanently. After, we did all the shopping we can. Eumir finally found a diesel pants and I got me another for all man kind seven jeans at Nordstrom. Our bottom outfit done, we just need to find our matching top which will be difficult but fun :) Anything, basta shopping!
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Baby

We welcome the new member in our family...


Ethan Mitchell Villanueva Carpio
Born: December 9, 2006
7lbs 2oz

Congratulations ATE, VIC and the new KUYA Bernard!

Love, Eumir, Belle and Eulla

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13 Months

Eulla is 13 months today. We had so many things planned out today but because of another special event (u can read about it on the next post), it has been scoot over for tonight...
12/10/2006 : Night Time

We went to Topanga Mall so that we can celebrate Eulla's 13th month. For Dinner we had take out CPK food. We couldn't stay in the restaurant because Eulla was getting restless. She wanted to play and run around already since we were at the mall. We rushed to the children area of the mall and had her ride the famous two storey carousel. She has been riding this carousel since it was built, about 3 months ago. We were going to have her play at the playtown but is was packed with kids older than her that we were scared to have her run around. It was getting late so we just had her stroll around the mall. Looks like she enjoyed despite that fact that it was a short outing.

At 13 months, Eulla knows how to answer the phone. When any of the phone rings, she would say "hello" and raise her eyebrows as if she hears someone on the other line. She knows how to butter up any of us especially her grandpa (Dadi Pogi). She loves to smile and laugh. She enjoys playing and reading books (tearing it up or wrinkling is more like it). She likes to get in and out of a box or a laundry hamper. She tries to help me load the washer or dryer. She and her Dada loves to watch me cook. She gets jealous when her Dada kisses or hugs me. If Eumir does not hug her while hugging me, she cries. She loves to kiss Eumir more than me :( It's okay, I dont mind. I guess girls are much closer to their Dads. She easily learns things. Once she sees it once, she will try to do it herself. For example, turning on the TV or if she sees me push something, she can do it herself the next time around. She knows how to brush her teeth. Likes to put on lip balm if I am putting on lipstick. Every time we come in the house Eumir taught her how to relax on the lovesac by falling onto it like the Nestea commercial (do you recall people?). She knows how to count her fingers up to five by pointing with her right index finger on the other fingers on the left hand then claps when she reaches five. Smart little girl! Eulla is growing up so quickly. Eumir and I just finished watching her video when she was born and all I can say is time flies.

Happy 13 months Baby!

Your Dada and I love you so much Eulla!


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Friday, December 08, 2006


Thank GOD it's Friday!!! That means, we have Dada with us the whole weekend! Our gallivanting starts this afternoon. Dada called and said he'll be home this AFTERNOON! Again, the rest of the day is planned out for a day of shopping cause the BIG DAY is coming...CHRISTMAS!
We ended up going to TARGET first to buy a baby shower gift for my cousin. But, the target at Van Nuys that said they have the highchair in stock is actually out of stock! Geesh! So we had to adjust our schedule and go to BLOOMINGDALES and MACY'S first to take advantage of the SALES! Then we went to NAARTJE for Eulla's NEW YEAR OUTFIT. It is so cute. I even got her a matching headband. Dada even approved of it. I am so excited for her to wear it with her GAP pink boots. Then we went to SANRIO to buy Eulla's socks for the chimney. Again, CUTE! After a long stroll around the mall, we went to IKEA at Burbank so that the FAX/Printer/Scanner will have it's own table. We were there about an hour and time is ticking. It was already 9pm. We had to take another trip to another TARGET at Pacoima and finally, they had several of the highchair and our whole day of shopping was done.
Eulla was so good at the backseat because we had her try out her DVD. We still installed it temporarily at the backrest of the 2nd row seats. She is still facing back with her car seat. Eumir and I will fix it all tomorrow. But for now, we are all tired but happy!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Little Touch Leapad

I opened another toy for Eulla. Since I needed to read more books to Eulla, I opened her leapfrog baby. It is the Little Touch Leapad. It was so hard to get it out the box. Baby proof and adult proof also! I usually ask Eumir to open it but this time, we cant wait for him to get home from work. I wanted to read a new book to her. Plus we didn't want to leave the house cause it's sooo cold outside. We needed another activity so Eulla wont get bored till she takes her 2nd nap.
Also, Eulla has been having LBM! It's her 4th time going (every two hours). I called her pediatrician and late afternoon she said to keep feeding her the whole milk two to three more days till she gets used to it but give her pedialite in between so she doesn't get dehydrated. I actually stopped giving her whole milk before talking to the doctor because i don't want her to feel sick and weak. I will start again tomorrow. I'm scared because it's so watery now (I know too much info) sorry. I also tried to give her more milk (formula) so she doesn't feel weak and lose weight but she doesn't want it. I guess she's used to drinking milk once or twice in the morning and once at night only. But I gave her more snacks and water. Hope she gets better soon.
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Elmo overalls

We started Eulla on whole milk today. She doesn't seem to know the difference just as long as we heat her milk up. She still drinks less than 16oz of milk which is a big success on our part. That means on her 15th month check up, I will be proud to say that on the day the doctor said to try lessening her intake, its the same day she stopped drinking more than 16oz. It was easy because Eulla likes to eat. It's easy to feed her. Eumir just says "um" and she knows its food.
I also had her try her elmo overalls which she got on her baptism. It looks big on the hanger but since I washed it last weekend, i thought she should try it. Would you believe, she almost outgrew it. I showed Eumir and he said "malaki pa yan sa baby ko!" I showed him and it fits Eulla really well. The length is perfect. She looked so cute in it.

Thank you Tita Helen for the ELMO overalls!
(Villanueva side)

Lots of "Tita Helens" in the family hehehe
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Windy Monday

The Santa Ana winds are blowing again. So hard that the whole San Fernando Valley had low voltage yesterday. Meaning, we had very low lights and the TV's doesn't work. It was so hard, good thing the whole morning till afternoon yesterday, we were at Mom's and Dad's house.
Unfortunately today, it's blowing hard again. Dada just called and said that he'll be home in the afternoon for lunch because he doesn't feel so well. But would you believe, he told me to plan our day for shopping! What a way to feel sick. Yehey!
Eulla's formula intake is still less than 16oz per day BUT, she does not want to drink room temperature formula. I can't start her on cold whole milk. So, I will try to give her whole milk but I will warm it up. Eumir and I will try to change the temperature as we go along the process. I just hope she doesn't stop drinking milk because of the change in temperature. She would rather not drink milk if it is cold.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Haircut at Mom's house

We went to mom's house to clean the SUV and the Honda. While Eumir cleaned the cars, Dad recommended that we cut Eulla's hair (just the ends) so that it will grow faster and maybe thicker. I was already thinking of doing that beforehand since she turned a year old but I didn't have the chance and she is. My Eulla getting a haircut from Mom.

Although, Dada thought is was a bit short :(
Dont worry Dada, it will grow.

When we got home from Mom's house, Eulla gave me a big grin and somehow, I saw another tooth. It's her upper molar on the right side where the lower molar grew. No wonder she was a bit needy and has been drooling so much since the first party in December. Now she has 10 teeth at a year old and more coming because I can see her gums are more white rather than just swollen gums. But I am very proud of my baby girl because it doesn't seem to bother her as much just as long as she sees me or Eumir.

Found a picture of Eulla with her molar showing. Now, there's one on the top of the bottom molar.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's here! It's here!!

Eulla's many faces...Cheese!, Shock! and Shy

I ordered Eulla's Christmas gift online yesterday morning after Eumir's approval and to my shock, FedEx knocked at our door around 4:00PM today with it! All is can say is GREAT service. I'm so excited for Eumir to assemble it in the SUV. We can finally plan long trips and Eulla wont get bored in the car. Yes, it is her new protable DVD with two screens and two DVD's for each headrest .

Since Eulla is already one year old and is over 20lbs, in accordance to DMV law, we can now face Eulla forward with her convertible carseat. I am so excited for her to try siting facing forward. She'll be able to see the scenery outside especially now at night, lots of Christmas lights everywhere.

I'll post pictures as soon as it is installed in the SUV.


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