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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Additional weekend

Hehehe, I know what your all saying, BUT...we had to!

We turned another weekday into a weekend. Eumir and I were not satisfy that we didn't get our whole weekend so therefore, we got the whole two day weekend and more like a four day weekend for Dada.

We just stayed at home and relax. We also had visitors for a little while. Ate, Vic and Ethan came over for lunch. Ethan had his check up at Kaiser and since it is close by, they dropped by for lunch. Eulla was so amazed with Ethan. Luckily, all she did was sit beside him and stare at him like a good little girl and not smash him up hehehe (just kidding ate). Just saw Eulla get a bit jealous when she saw me carry Ethan but she was okay. Now that we saw Ethan, I cant believe how big my little girl has gotten.

Yummy Dada, more please!
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