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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Child Safety

The whole day, we (Eulla and I) were at Santa Clarita with Ate and Ethan. We had to help bring Bernie to school early morning then go shopping, then go back to pick up Bernie from school at 3pm, then treat the kids (Bernie, Eulla and Ethan) to Toys r Us and shop some more.
At Toys r Us, I finally found what Eumir and I had been talking about. We've been discussing how we can childproof the fireplace. It has sharp corners and Eulla likes to hang around there because her lovesac is there. Finally, around the fire place is safe for Eulla to play without us having to worry all the time. The same goes for the bathtub. Eulla likes to stay in the tub for a while after her bath and it can be really slippery. I also got an anti slip pad for her.

Eumir installing the fireplace guard

Before... and After

Tonight will be the coldest night of the year. Low 20's, in the valley!!! Yikes! Stay warm everyone.


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6:12 PM  

i get scared all the time when she runs around the fireplace. i'm glad someone invented it. i thought we had to improvise.

10:14 AM  

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