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Monday, December 04, 2006

Windy Monday

The Santa Ana winds are blowing again. So hard that the whole San Fernando Valley had low voltage yesterday. Meaning, we had very low lights and the TV's doesn't work. It was so hard, good thing the whole morning till afternoon yesterday, we were at Mom's and Dad's house.
Unfortunately today, it's blowing hard again. Dada just called and said that he'll be home in the afternoon for lunch because he doesn't feel so well. But would you believe, he told me to plan our day for shopping! What a way to feel sick. Yehey!
Eulla's formula intake is still less than 16oz per day BUT, she does not want to drink room temperature formula. I can't start her on cold whole milk. So, I will try to give her whole milk but I will warm it up. Eumir and I will try to change the temperature as we go along the process. I just hope she doesn't stop drinking milk because of the change in temperature. She would rather not drink milk if it is cold.

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