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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am so behind with blogging that I will just post pictures of Eulla taken on this day.


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Monday, January 29, 2007


We did a little grocery shopping at Island Pacific in Panorama City and we ended up bumping into some old friends we have not seen in a while (Kuya Ernel, Ate Flor, Ate Tarah and the kids). Eulla has not seen them for a long time that she tried to hide her face behind my legs and cried. After Island Pacific, we dropped of Dada at home to fix up everything and unwind. Eulla and I headed for Mom and Dad's house to visit Isa who came from the Philippines. She has not seen Isa so you all know how Eulla reacted after Isa tried to carry her. Almost everyone was there. Of course Uncle Jun and Trina was there then Florizel, Martin and Quinton came last, Ate, Vic, Bernie and Ethan came. We had really good lunch from Korean BBQ, Bulgogi, Oyster and many more. Thanks to jun for grilling them.

Eulla and Bernie eating spongebob gogurt

Ethan, Dad and Mom

Eulla asleep "praying"


The "Winter Look" in the Carey Ranch neighborhood

Eulla and I visited everyone again at Sylmar. We also walked around the neighborhood or more like around the house. After our walk, Eulla feel asleep in Dad's lap and I did all my net surfing while she was asleep. Once she woke up, Trina cooked some Tuna in a pita bread which was really good Trins! I will try to cook it too. Dada was going to be home by 5pm so Eulla and I went home a little before 5.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy 1 year blogging!!!

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for a year already. Thanks to a friend of mine (Charmaine) for convincing me to start on this journal. I love it. It has been so addicting and I feel like it's a must and part of my daily activities. It got harder to blog at a point because Eulla is now walking, opening all the drawers and cabinets, going to the bathroom and trying to wash her hands somewhere (hehehe...she tried twice. once with me and once with eumir. now we keep the bathroom closed at all times), she climbs everything she can and puts things in her mouth to try and see what it tastes like. But, as she gets more and more active, i find ways to blog. Like what I say, it feels like its a must because I end up getting phone calls or IM messages to see how Eulla is doing. I'm so glad I started this because it's a good way to have relatives and friends from everywhere read and see how we are all doing. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this blog.


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All we did since yesterday was indulge in food. Eumir and I got really lazy to cook dinner and so we BOTH decided to order Papa John's Pizza. Once Eulla saw it, she knew what it was and started saying the "mmmm" sound. Eumir ate his pizza with his famous jalapenos while Eulla and I ate it with the marina sauce. It was m.m.m. good! The three of us went to sleep with a smile after digesting a really awesome dinner.

Today, we have decided to stay at home and unwind. We also had planned last night that we are ordering at Original Thai BBQ & Restaurant for lunch. Eumir picked up our lunch around 11:30am at the Northridge branch since it's a lot closer to where we live. It's a change because we've always ordered from the Panorama City branch. As usual, Eumir had the (S-12) Teriyaki Salmon and I had the (s-2) B.B.Q Pork Spare Ribs. Too bad they dont have the lunch special during the weekend. But, this will not be the last time we order from the Northridge branch. Eumir found it much faster and they had easy parking unlike the other branch. Kudos to the Northridge branch!
For dessert, the three of us shared the Nestle drumstick. Having once each is too much indulgence!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Never leave them unattended. Not even for a few seconds! Look at what happened to me. Bwahaha!

We decided to spend another day (yesterday & today) at Sylmar with Dad, Jun, Trina and Ethan. We left the house a little past 11am. I find it easier to be able to study and solve a few problems in preparation on the FE exam (Fundamentals in Engineering). I'm not sure if I will take it this April. All I know is that I will be taking it. It's not a rush thing but Eumir and I talked about it and it will be a plus if I pass this exam. Once Eulla is ready for preschool or when Eumir's mom gets here, I will have better choices in work.

Eulla after her nap (It got warm and so I took off her pants) Cute legs huh?!?

Dad and Eulla took a walk around the neighborhood then ate lunch (Salmon). Now, Eulla is asleep with Dad and I should be studying... but before anything else, got to blog what's going on with Eulla.

Eulla making "Pa-cute" for the camera (her pangit face)

Yesterday, Eumir and I bought more sippy cup but a different brand. We got her the Gerber sippy cup. I gave her prune juice and milk in it and so far she has been drinking on it. Although, since Ethan is also at Dad's house, Eulla sees his bottle and gives it to me. When she does, I have her sip her juice in her sippy cup. She has not cried for her bottle yet. We still give her the bottle at night since she does not consume as much liquids in her sippy cup than her bottle. But as an update, she is doing well with the Gerber sippy cup. I just think that the Avent sippy cup was not a good choice. Bernie went from breastfeeding into using the Gerber sippy cup so hopefully, Eulla will like using this one better.

Eulla and Ethan (taken today)


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sippy cup vs Bottle

What can I say, I've been trying to switch Eulla from a bottle to a sippy cup since I don't know when. I have not had much luck. I always give in to her. When I say I'll be stronger, she's the one who will bring me her avent bottle. This morning, I knew she wanted her milk badly and so I decided to use the avent bottle but I used the avent sippy cup's top since it was convertible and she drank from it as if she doesn't realize that it's not her bottle with the nipple. Yepee!!! I'll keep trying today.
We are leaving before lunch to Sylmar (Dad and Mom's house) to meet up with Dad, Ethan, Jun and Trina. I'm going to have her drink from the sippy cup's top the whole day but I will bring an extra nipple just in case *wink*.


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Sunday, January 21, 2007


We went to my ortho appointment at Alhambra. My appointment was at 10am. We were there exactly at 10. I went down by myself because Eulla was busy watching Monsters Inc. When I was waiting in the waiting room, I met a new mom with a baby girl of the same age as Eulla. I quickly called Eumir to bring in Eulla so that they can associate which each other. They ended up sharing Eulla's Gerber fruit snack and the little girl's cereal. Eulla enjoyed playing with a baby the same age as her but they had a little difficulty because the baby girl doesn't walk yet but they definitely enjoyed themselves waiting in the lobby eating donuts from Dr. Toledo.
After my appointment, we met my cousin around the area so we can have them borrow the net for the playpen. For some reason, you can't buy it separately from Graco. Then, we ate at a Thai restaurant (I forgot what it's called) for lunch. Irene and Cesar had Daniel (less than 1month old) and Bryant (4yr old) while Eumir and I had Eulla. Can you imagine how the floor of the restaurant was after our lunch?!? Eumir was so embarrassed that he ended up picking up a few rice spill. After that, we went to Nordstrom at Glendale. I was not able to take pictures because Eulla was a handful. She didn't get her straight nap.
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chuck e Cheese's

This is Eulla's first time to go to Chuck e Cheese's (Well not exactly, she went once already but she was a month old). I was so excited for her. We went there for Olivia's 2nd birthday party. We went at the Burbank branch. The party started at 1:ooPM. Once we got there, Eulla woke up from her nap so I was not quite sure how she was going to be. Fortunately, she woke up with a smile when they stamped her arm with a number because she saw so many colorful things and saw many many kids. Right away, she wanted to go down so she can start walking.

Olivia approached us and Eulla gave her a hug. Eulla was the first kid that arrived for her party. After saying hi and hello to all the adult visitors, we went straight to the arcade for todlers. Eulla rode a lot of mobile rides but once she got to Barney's ride, she noticed that Barney was beside her and started crying out loud. She was so scared of Barney. After that ride, we went back to the table to eat lunch. Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Olivia with the Chuck'e'Cheese's mascot again, Eulla was so scared that she hugged me so tight and after Dada took pictures, she wanted her Dada to carry her. Most of the toddler was scared of the mascot.

Before and After with Barney

After the party, we ran a few errands. Then, we went to Santa Clarita to Doreen and Denise's house (Olivia's parents) to continue the party. We were there till 7pm. We had to go home because Eulla was cranky already and we had to start our day really early tomorrow for an ortho appointment and to meet up with my cousin at Alhambra.
At Olivia's house...

Eulla and Olivia learning how to "share" a toy

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lo Jack and Touch of Class

Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn't get to save a draft to blog on. We all woke up almost as early as Dada to get ready for an early appointment. I had to bring the Sequoia to Hamer Servce Center at 9:30am to get the Lo Jack installed and get the "touch of class" done. The Lo Jack is for the tracking device just incase the SUV is stollen and the Touch of Class is a protective shield for the outer (paint sealant) and the interior (leather sealant) which preserves the SUV.

I dropped off Eulla with Dad at Sylmar and took out all of our stuff in the SUV. I barely made it for our appointment. When I got there, they said that it is mainly done the whole day! Eulla and I stayed with Dad, Jun and Trina. We were there till 6:30pm. We also hung out with Ate and Ethan. Vic dropped them off at Dad's house. Eulla was such a hand full that day. I'm not quite sure yet but I think her cuspids are coming out already. I can see her lower gums and it is sore. I looked at the baby teeth chart and it said that it is around 18 months before it starts growing but knowing Eulla, she's bit early on the "teeth part".

Eulla tried out her new Hello Kitty Bubble Bath Soap (She kept trying to eat the bubbles)

The past few days, Eumir and I had been playing ZUMA. Thanks to Jun and Trina we are mighty addicted to it. Eumir stayed up until 2:00am playing it one day. Once you start playing, you will not be able to stop till your eyes hurt. Time flies when you play it but I have to stop myself. I have to get so many things done.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Party at Palmdale

It's late! Past Eulla's bedtime. Dada with sleepy eyes.

We went to Palmdale for Ashlee's 17th birthday party. We also had a chance to break in the SEQUOIA. It was freezing in Palmdale. The temperature was 29 degrees Fahrenheit. 10 degrees lower than the valleys temperature. We went there prepared. We dressed in layers but since the party was a Hawaiian theme, we just brought our lei.

Happy Birthday Ahslee!


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The unexpected

What a day, I was on my way to Hamer TOYOTA at Mission Hills to finally get the brake lights taken care of. I left Eulla with Eumir at home. The day when I went there, they couldn't fix it. So on my way to the service center, I felt the car shake and the engine light came on. I drove it to the 405 freeway with the light on. I talked to our mechanic and he said that it will cost me another $350 to get it repaired! ANOTHER was the word that HIT me. I called Eumir and asked him what our plans were regarding the SUV and VIOLA, we ended up getting a new 2007 SEQUOIA. WOHOOOOOO! I'm going to miss our Land Cruiser :( That car has brought us to many happy places.
Out with the OLD and In with the NEW
The SEQUOIA is black. It's right beside the white Land Cruiser. I'll post pics of it later. Thanks for the SUV LOVE! Eulla and I LOVE IT!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hamer Toyota, Asia Buffet and CPK

Early morning, we had an appointment with Hamer Toyota for wipers installation and brake lights check up. Eulla and I got ready while Eumir "relaxed" (meaning playing his video games-NFL). He was not feeling well, so he decided to take a day off work and just unwind.

Eulla coloring while we waited for the Land Cruiser

After Hamer Toyota, we went to my parents house. Dad and Mom told us to just meet up with them at Asia Buffet for lunch. Perfect timing, we are all hungry (Jun, Trina, Eulla and Me). Then, we went back to Mom's house to just have Eulla run around the place but once we got there, she was asleep. I decided to just stay there till she wakes up so that her nap will be complete. Once she woke up, she played with Uncle Jun and Trina then we went home to pick up Dada.

It was unplanned but we all decided to go to Topanga Mall (again). We met up with Dad, Mom, Jun and Trina and we did a few shopping. Eumir bought me a pair of shoes while Mom and Dad bought Eulla a new pair of Stride Rite. They measured her again and to my shock, her feet grew again. We had to get her size 6W. For Dinner, we went to CPK.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

14 Months

Eulla is 14 months today. I didn't expect Eumir to call me so early (8:30am). He called to let Eulla and I know that he will be home by 9:30am (He was not feeling well). Happy and sad at the same time, happy because we dont have to wait for him till 4:30pm, sad because he is not feeling well. But of course, we all know Dada not to disappoint his dear baby girl, he said just a simple nap and after, we can go out to our usual monthsary celebration. Yehey!!!

Of course, we went to Topanga Mall because of their carousel and playtown. We've started this monthly celebration since October, why break it right? Eulla enjoys the light around the marry-go-round. It's just for some reason, after a few rounds, she wants to get off and be carried instead. Definitely, she does not want to get off the carousel but just the animal she's on...weird!
After, we had her run around, climb everything she can and associate with other kids at the playtown. It was nice because there were not too many kids. Just enough so Eulla can enjoy her time there. I got tired just following her around even if Dada is keeping a look out.
We had our famous starbucks order for a snack while Eulla shared with us the reduced fat blueberry coffee cake and for dinner, our take out chicken bbq salad from CPK. We are starting the year eating healthy. Hope we can stick to it :)


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Monday, January 08, 2007

Mac and Cheese

As a kid, I can still remember having mac and cheese as a snack after school. I had to have Eulla try it. Just when I was making it, I can already hear her saying the "umm" sound. That means, she wants to eat. Of course, since I liked it then, she likes it too. I had her walk around while I was feeding her and every time after she gets a spoon full of it then walks around, she kept coming back for more. She didn't finish the whole serving but she ate most of it.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Guitar Exchange and Grocery Shopping

Eulla at CSUN. Dad had Eulla walk around for 30 minutes while we waited for Jun (jan 05).

We had to exchange Eumir's guitar because he said that there were two frets that were not working (dont ask me what that is...i dont know). After an hour of waiting, they finally found a guitar that we can exchange it with. It cost more but they didn't have us add anything because of their satisfaction guarantee. They just had to adjust the receipt. From today, we have three weeks left to see if the guitar is okay.
After, we went to COSTCO to do a little grocery shopping. We always get Eulla's whole milk there. Not only does it last longer, it's cheap and it's by the bulk! Then we dropped by at Mom's place to say hi and hello. I was so scared because I thought that we lost Eulla's new bracelet. Luckily, after a long search, I found it in the car. Since we were near Ralphs, we also went there to get a few things on our list then it was off to Island Pacific (Filipino Store) to get Filipino groceries. Groceries for the new year.
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