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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chuck e Cheese's

This is Eulla's first time to go to Chuck e Cheese's (Well not exactly, she went once already but she was a month old). I was so excited for her. We went there for Olivia's 2nd birthday party. We went at the Burbank branch. The party started at 1:ooPM. Once we got there, Eulla woke up from her nap so I was not quite sure how she was going to be. Fortunately, she woke up with a smile when they stamped her arm with a number because she saw so many colorful things and saw many many kids. Right away, she wanted to go down so she can start walking.

Olivia approached us and Eulla gave her a hug. Eulla was the first kid that arrived for her party. After saying hi and hello to all the adult visitors, we went straight to the arcade for todlers. Eulla rode a lot of mobile rides but once she got to Barney's ride, she noticed that Barney was beside her and started crying out loud. She was so scared of Barney. After that ride, we went back to the table to eat lunch. Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Olivia with the Chuck'e'Cheese's mascot again, Eulla was so scared that she hugged me so tight and after Dada took pictures, she wanted her Dada to carry her. Most of the toddler was scared of the mascot.

Before and After with Barney

After the party, we ran a few errands. Then, we went to Santa Clarita to Doreen and Denise's house (Olivia's parents) to continue the party. We were there till 7pm. We had to go home because Eulla was cranky already and we had to start our day really early tomorrow for an ortho appointment and to meet up with my cousin at Alhambra.
At Olivia's house...

Eulla and Olivia learning how to "share" a toy

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posted by Eubelle at 8:45 AM


awwww...she's scared of barney.

2:54 PM  

i dont know why but she just started crying when she saw him. she was ok with the other rides.

12:39 PM  

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