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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hamer Toyota, Asia Buffet and CPK

Early morning, we had an appointment with Hamer Toyota for wipers installation and brake lights check up. Eulla and I got ready while Eumir "relaxed" (meaning playing his video games-NFL). He was not feeling well, so he decided to take a day off work and just unwind.

Eulla coloring while we waited for the Land Cruiser

After Hamer Toyota, we went to my parents house. Dad and Mom told us to just meet up with them at Asia Buffet for lunch. Perfect timing, we are all hungry (Jun, Trina, Eulla and Me). Then, we went back to Mom's house to just have Eulla run around the place but once we got there, she was asleep. I decided to just stay there till she wakes up so that her nap will be complete. Once she woke up, she played with Uncle Jun and Trina then we went home to pick up Dada.

It was unplanned but we all decided to go to Topanga Mall (again). We met up with Dad, Mom, Jun and Trina and we did a few shopping. Eumir bought me a pair of shoes while Mom and Dad bought Eulla a new pair of Stride Rite. They measured her again and to my shock, her feet grew again. We had to get her size 6W. For Dinner, we went to CPK.


posted by Eubelle at 1:37 PM


nice shoes! Ü her feet grow super fast! hahaha.

12:44 PM  

geesh, i thought that she'll be wearing her other stride rite for at least 2 months. i guess i'll start watching out when her toes reaches the end just to make her other shoes worth it.

6:52 PM  

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