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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day at the E.R.

What a way to start the new year. I didn't get better after all. I got worse! The morning we woke up, I felt like i was hit by a truck! I was so sore everywhere and when I got up, I saw that I was so swollen everywhere (face, hands, legs, and fingers) and my throat was so so sore. I knew from there, I had to go to an urgent care. I called up Mom and Dad so we can drop off Eulla at their house so that she doesn't catch anything else that is floating around the hospital. Once we dropped off Eulla early morning, we went to Facey Urgent Care at Mission Hills because Northridge Hospital was closed. When we got there, the lady said to go to Providence Holy Cross which was 3 minutes away from my parents house. I went inside the information/admitting and once she found out that I was suffering from allergy due to latex gloves with powder, they told me to go straight to the Emergency Room. That got me really scared! I knew somehow that it wasn't just a regular allergy. There was a lot of people in the E.R. but since it was not first come first serve, it was according to severity, they called me in right away to see the triage nurse. She checked my throat and she said that it is swollen and it can stop me from breathing. She made sure that I had company so she told me to call in Eumir. After that, we waited a few minutes and they gave me my name band and brought me to the E.R and had me lay down to see the doctor. (It's really the way the ER show are set up) Pretty cool! Anyways, the doctor checked me out and especially my airway and gave me Prednisone (Steroids) and Tagamet for my stomach and told me to keep taking Claritin in the morning and Benadry at night because it will knock me out. They had great service at that hospital. Eumir & I also loved the doctor that saw me (Dr. Fisher). He was only 32 years old but he approached everyone like he really enjoyed doing what he does. Thumbs up to PROVIDENCE HOLY CROSS!
I was not able to take pictures the whole day. I felt bad that Eulla had to be with out her parents on the first day of the year (half the day). But, it looks like she had fun. Mom said she was running around with Bernard the whole time and she ate pancit and lots of cererios. When we got there at my parents house, Eulla was sleeping. She still has a cold and a bit congested but doing fine.
with love, The Ruanto Family


posted by Eubelle at 5:18 PM


omg!!! whatta new year's! hope you're better!

4:21 PM  

im better. it's just the side effects of the steriods that's keeping me down.

7:10 PM  

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