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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dad and Mom's Anniversary

Mom and me waiting for our table at the barEulla reaching for the grapes

We went to Olive Garden at Nordhoff to celebrate Dad and Mom's 33rd Anniversary. Imagine, 33 years! Eulla was quite a handful when we got there. The only time she would stay in the high chair was when she would eat bread or a share of her Dada's pasta.
I was able to video Eulla eating her pasta on her own. (You can visit for the video).
We ended up leaving earlier than evereone else because Eulla was sleepy and crying. Everyone stayed and waited for Mom and Dad's cake.

Happy 33rd Anniversary Dad and Mom!


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Monday, February 26, 2007


Eulla is now able to say the words, o-oh and wow very clearly. She knows when to use it. For example today, we went to visit Dad, Jun and Isa at Sylmar. Eulla saw that they were painting the whole house and when she saw the difference, she said WOW, with the long accent as if she really appreciates it so much. Dad laughed and of course, hugged and kissed his favorite granddaughter (only one so far hehehe). As for the o-oh, she says it a lot especially when she drops something or makes a mess. Dada was so proud to hear her say the words when we got home. Too bad I heard it first Dada :)

Lately, she's also been saying hello and hi but still not as clear as her o-oh and wow. She would always say hewow when the phone rings. She says haai to everyone she sees.

Uncle Jun, stop making fun of Eulla!!!
(Jun showing her, her big belly and belly button)
Taken when they were replacing the old counters to granite counters
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Disney DVDs

Arrrghhh!!! It was so hard trying to find Eulla's DVD, Cinderella III. We had to go to three malls just to complete our DVD list for her. Guess where we finally found one...COSTCO! The rest of the three Disney film (The Incredibles, Cars, and The Little Mermaid) came from the Disney store. Eumir and I have finally memorized every single word and every single songs on her DVD's (from 4 Backyardigans DVD, The Lion King, Sharks Tale, and Shrek 1&2) that it's about time to get her new ones. We'll see how long it will take for us to memorize these 4 DVDs. Hope she likes it as much as her other DVD's. I just need to find the platinum edition of the Finding Nemo sometime this week and she's complete for the mean time.

Eulla drinking her favorite Mango-a-go-go with fiber boost from Jamba juice. One of Dr. Farrohi's advice to be included in Eulla's new diet.

She loves it so much that she doesn't want to share
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chuck e Cheeses

We went to Chuck e Cheese's to treat Eulla. Dada and I just decided it would be nice to take her somewhere, where she can enjoy and have fun other than the mall. We all had a blast. I loved playing the skee ball while Eulla handed me the orange ball. She would say "wow" every time I rolled the ball. As for Dada, he had fun playing the basketball game and a game where you wack the big button to have the pendulum go round and round till it rotates as much as what the machine specified. When he hits the target, he can get up to 20 tickets or more!
Eulla on a magical horse

Dada the muscle man. He got the jackpot and Eulla collects the tickets.

Eulla with Chuck e Cheese
She's not scared anymore

Eulla playing the arcade...ABC's and 123's


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Thursday, February 22, 2007

15 Months Well-Baby Check Up

Eulla's well baby appointment was at 2:30pm, as Dada requested. So that from work, we can just head out to wherever we please after Eulla's vaccines. A little before noon, Mom and Isa passed by to drop off some lunch for me and Eulla, since they were in the neighborhood. But of course, when they got here, not only was lunch brought for me and Eulla but one of Eulla's favorite appetizer (egg rolls) and snack, (Yan Yan) but the vanilla cream flavor instead of the chocolate flavor (or else I wont hear the end of it from Eumir, he might hung me upside down hehehe). Not one, but a dozen of it. What do you expect from a loving and spoiler grandma, who by the way is not called grandma but "Mommy Perla". Please, everyone take note.
Before we made it in the clinic, it just started raining. We got there at 2:25pm and at once, they called out Eulla's name. Eulla was so happy walking inside the clinic but once she sensed that she was there for her shots, she started getting clingy with her Dada. We had to do the usual routine and undress her. As soon as we did that, we did not hear the end of it from Eulla. She would only stop crying when we show her the stickers on the wall of the room. Poor Eulla cried and cried, switched from me to Eumir and back to me. She got two shots today. One on the left thigh and one on the right. She got the DTap and the Hepatitis A. Dr. Farrohi also recommended that Eulla starts seeing a dentist and gave a referral.
Dada and Eulla on the weighing scale

Eulla being dressed after her shots

Several things were talked about after Eulla check up, before her shots. Dr. Farrohi asked us if everything was okay and the only thing i really was concerned about was that Eulla is back to being constipated. Prune juice is no longer effective nor giving her, her dose of water and ice chips. As if she is so used to the prune juice already. So, after today, we have to start using the suppositories for three straight nights to cleans her, then start on the diet that was given to us. Hope it works because after next week and it does not work out, we have to go back to Dr. Farrohi and she would have to prescribe something for Eulla.
Eulla is now...

Height: 30" ( an inch higher 3 months ago)

Weight: 22 lbs ( a pound heavier 3 months ago)

Head Circumference: 18 1/2"

Right after her appointment, we went to Northridge Mall. We went to Dada and my favorite store for trendy outfits (Abercrombie & Fitch) and got some clothes and flip flops. Of course, if we got something for ourselves, I had to get my baby girl two sets of outfit from GAP, in preparation of spring. Spring is just around the corner and it is my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold. You can wear practically anything you please. I decided to get Eulla a size 2. It is for a two year old american baby. I hope she'll be able to wear it long enough till summer comes :)

Our active little baby girl


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Monday, February 19, 2007

Friday + a three day weekend

Friday, February 16
Eulla and I decided to stay home after a long day of gallivanting yesterday. We were both so tired that we slept in but called Ninong Jun early morning to say bye bye and happy trip to Ninang Trina. We already miss you Trina! Come back soon.
Saturday, February 17
Eumir decided to wash the cars at Mom's place. Eulla ended up taking her bubble bath at mom's tub. Ate, Bernie and Ethan also decided to meet up with us there and eat tikoy. After all what is Chinese New Year without tikoy...yummy.
The weather was so nice that Dad and Ate took Eulla out for a walk in the front yard.

After, spending lunch at Mom's place, we went home to rest and get ready to go shopping at Bloomingdales (Fashion Square). We had to take advantage of the Presidents Sale. We ALL had fun shopping because Dada also ended up getting some stuff for himself unlike other times where its just me and Eulla.
Sunday, February 18
We found a really cool thing at Costco for Eulla while shoppping but still thinking if we should get it for her. Do you guys think it's worth it?!?
Eulla on a DORA big bike
Monday, February 19
Presidents Day: Dada has no work today, yehey!!! We just planned for a relaxing day at home. After all, there's has not been a weekend that we just unwind and watch movies at home.
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Venice Beach and Huntington Beach

Since Eulla's Ninang Trina is leaving for the Philippines tomorrow. Ninong Jun planned for a whole day of fun with all of us! Eulla and I left the house at 9am and went to Mom and Dad's house to pick them up while Dada went to work. Ninong Jun decided that we will be going to Santa Monica (Venice Beach) and Huntington Beach where Ninang Trina's favorite sushi place it at. On our way to Venice beach, Dada called and said that he is on his was home to rest because he is still not feeling well. Dada has been sick since Monday and took a few days off since then. Too bad Dada didn't get to come.

(I took off eulla's tights for her to be able to feel the sand on her toes)To view more pictures, visit our album at or click on the link at the side. I should have it uploaded my tuesday, february 20.

Huntington Beach at the boardwalk

We will miss you Ninang Trina!!!


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

Valentines was so hard to plan for me and Eumir. We usually plan ahead for this occasion but since Eulla was born, it's been really hard to eat out. So, a day before, we finally decided...
We planned for dinner at my parents house with the rest of the gang and just buy Korean barbecue, some bulgogi and other side orders.

During lunch, while Eulla was asleep in her stroller, Eumir and I took advantage and we had lunch at Baja Fresh while she took her nap. It was a relaxing lunch while Eumir and I reminisced what we did for the past Valentines day since we were together.
This Valentines, I made Eumir promise me that he wont get me any balloons nor flowers because I want something else that is quite costly but I am just so excited to get. Since Eumir passed, he already promised I can get it. So love, no turning back ha?!? Eulla on the other hand got her famous balloon from Dada. She was so happy to see it. I was telling Eumir to cherish that moment because one day, balloons are not the only thing her little girl would ask for :)


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The funniest thing happened this afternoon. I just could not blog about it. Eumir took a day off to spend a day with us. Pre-Valentine thing I guess. I will be hard to go out tomorrow especially with Eulla teething. Anyways, back to the funny part. This afternoon after our lunch, I asked Eumir to take Eulla to our room so she can take her nap. Eumir and Eulla went to the room while I washed the dishes and when I came in the room, I saw Eulla standing while she was sucking on her thumb. Eumir was playing Zuma. I thought that Eulla was watching but when I looked at her closely, she was asleep. I couldn't help myself, I had to take a picture of her. Eumir told me to take pictures of her in all angles hehehe. This is how she looked like...

While she was standing, her knees would pop down and she would go back in standing position. After we took the picture, we put her down on the bed. ZZZZzzZzZZZZzzz


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Cuspid and teething tablets

Eulla's upper cuspids are out at 15 months. I knew that she was teething a couple of days ago when she was crying at night. I saw her pointy tooth on the left when she did her beautiful eyes with her snorting sound after her bath. The right side is showing as well but not as much as the left. I've always looked at this chart from the net for updates on which tooth to expect and so far, her teeth seems to come out before the date that is shown. Eumir and I gave her 2 teething tablets to ease her pain and sleep better. She doesn't seem affected by it in the morning when she's busy but during sleeping time, it's when she complains. For all you moms and dads out there, I'd like to share the teething tablet that was also shared with me by a mom that went through a lot with her son, when her son was teething. It's homeopathic and all natural. Eumir and I saw it work on Eulla when she was teething and up until now, we still use it. It works wonders!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lunch at mom's and the mall

By the way...
We didn't get to buy all the stuff in our list for the balikbayan box so, we had to make several stop to finish up. We ended up running out of time at Westfield Topanga Mall since during Sundays, the mall closes at 6pm. I guess we'll just have to finish it up on Monday.
Eulla's cuspids are almost out. She has been crying about it during the night. I hope it cuts her gums soon.

Happy 1 month to our family car "SEQUOIA" and more trips to come!!!


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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Camarillo Outlet

Dada, Eulla, Trina, Isa and I went to Camarillo Outlet. We went there to find some stuff for Eumir's family. We are sending a box to the Philippines. This box is long overdue. Luckily, Trina will be in the Philippines by the time it gets there to receive it. Thank you for sharing your box Trina.
Since we were there, we couldn't avoid getting some stuff for ourselves.

Shopping 101 for Dada by Eulla V. Ruanto

let's go to GAP for example...

Eulla's new shoes from Stride Rite and Dada's Coach clutch bag. Eumir and I also got ourselves some sunglasses. Eumir got a Calvin Klein and I got a Juicy Couture at Saks Fifth Avenue. :O)
Eulla and Ninang Trina on our way home


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Friday, February 09, 2007

15 Months

Eulla is 15 months today. Since Eulla was 14 months, she has been sleeping really well. We tried training her by giving water in the middle of the night instead of milk (pediatrician's advice), she finally gave in and not ask for it anymore. It's been really great being able to sleep straight at night. The last time Eumir and I slept well was when I was 7 Months pregnant. Eulla usually sleeps around 9pm and sleeps till 6am then Dada gives her milk and she sleeps right back for another hour and a half but since last week, there has been a big change. She does not ask for milk anymore till she's up (between 7:30-8:30am sometimes more). But, there's a catch to this good girl sleep...she sleeps between me and Eumir. I used to have her sleep in her bed but I always have to get up around 3-4am to put her on our bed so I figured, why get up?!? Eumir and I just hopes that by the time she turns 3, she can sleep in her own toddler bed.
Dad, Jun, Trina and Isa came over to celebrate Eulla's 15th months. We ordered the new Cheesy Bites Pizza at Pizza Hut. Eulla had a piece of the bites and played with everyone after. After lunch, we went to CSUN to drop off Jun's transcripts. Then we went to Best Buy to get the specifications for the navigator. And Finally, we went to Jamba Juice to get some snacks. Eulla loves Jamba Juice. Eumir also came home early from work. We all ended up watching Fearless at home (Jet-Li's movie).


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