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Friday, February 09, 2007

15 Months

Eulla is 15 months today. Since Eulla was 14 months, she has been sleeping really well. We tried training her by giving water in the middle of the night instead of milk (pediatrician's advice), she finally gave in and not ask for it anymore. It's been really great being able to sleep straight at night. The last time Eumir and I slept well was when I was 7 Months pregnant. Eulla usually sleeps around 9pm and sleeps till 6am then Dada gives her milk and she sleeps right back for another hour and a half but since last week, there has been a big change. She does not ask for milk anymore till she's up (between 7:30-8:30am sometimes more). But, there's a catch to this good girl sleep...she sleeps between me and Eumir. I used to have her sleep in her bed but I always have to get up around 3-4am to put her on our bed so I figured, why get up?!? Eumir and I just hopes that by the time she turns 3, she can sleep in her own toddler bed.
Dad, Jun, Trina and Isa came over to celebrate Eulla's 15th months. We ordered the new Cheesy Bites Pizza at Pizza Hut. Eulla had a piece of the bites and played with everyone after. After lunch, we went to CSUN to drop off Jun's transcripts. Then we went to Best Buy to get the specifications for the navigator. And Finally, we went to Jamba Juice to get some snacks. Eulla loves Jamba Juice. Eumir also came home early from work. We all ended up watching Fearless at home (Jet-Li's movie).


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happy 15 months!

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thank you!

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