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Monday, February 12, 2007

Cuspid and teething tablets

Eulla's upper cuspids are out at 15 months. I knew that she was teething a couple of days ago when she was crying at night. I saw her pointy tooth on the left when she did her beautiful eyes with her snorting sound after her bath. The right side is showing as well but not as much as the left. I've always looked at this chart from the net for updates on which tooth to expect and so far, her teeth seems to come out before the date that is shown. Eumir and I gave her 2 teething tablets to ease her pain and sleep better. She doesn't seem affected by it in the morning when she's busy but during sleeping time, it's when she complains. For all you moms and dads out there, I'd like to share the teething tablet that was also shared with me by a mom that went through a lot with her son, when her son was teething. It's homeopathic and all natural. Eumir and I saw it work on Eulla when she was teething and up until now, we still use it. It works wonders!

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posted by Eubelle at 8:00 AM


wow! upper cuspids already! Ü maddie's two lower cuspids are coming out. i can see the tips but i don't think it's outta her gums yet. =P

i bought those tablets too when maddie's molars were coming out. but by the time i bought it, she wasn't in pain anymore. =P i haven't opened the bottle yet. and with her cuspids, she sleeps well at night. she just a bit cranky sometimes early evenings but i think it's cause she's sleepy. =P

11:03 AM  

how weird huh? her upper ones came out first before the lower ones. but i can already see the lower ones.

maddie's a tough girl! just keep it for the next ones (maybe 2nd molars). it's nice to have it handy. i always keep a bottle in my purse.

btw, do you think that her lymph nodes were swollen because of her cuspids?

11:43 AM  

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