Eulla and Eulleah

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Monday, February 26, 2007


Eulla is now able to say the words, o-oh and wow very clearly. She knows when to use it. For example today, we went to visit Dad, Jun and Isa at Sylmar. Eulla saw that they were painting the whole house and when she saw the difference, she said WOW, with the long accent as if she really appreciates it so much. Dad laughed and of course, hugged and kissed his favorite granddaughter (only one so far hehehe). As for the o-oh, she says it a lot especially when she drops something or makes a mess. Dada was so proud to hear her say the words when we got home. Too bad I heard it first Dada :)

Lately, she's also been saying hello and hi but still not as clear as her o-oh and wow. She would always say hewow when the phone rings. She says haai to everyone she sees.

Uncle Jun, stop making fun of Eulla!!!
(Jun showing her, her big belly and belly button)
Taken when they were replacing the old counters to granite counters
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