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Monday, February 19, 2007

Friday + a three day weekend

Friday, February 16
Eulla and I decided to stay home after a long day of gallivanting yesterday. We were both so tired that we slept in but called Ninong Jun early morning to say bye bye and happy trip to Ninang Trina. We already miss you Trina! Come back soon.
Saturday, February 17
Eumir decided to wash the cars at Mom's place. Eulla ended up taking her bubble bath at mom's tub. Ate, Bernie and Ethan also decided to meet up with us there and eat tikoy. After all what is Chinese New Year without tikoy...yummy.
The weather was so nice that Dad and Ate took Eulla out for a walk in the front yard.

After, spending lunch at Mom's place, we went home to rest and get ready to go shopping at Bloomingdales (Fashion Square). We had to take advantage of the Presidents Sale. We ALL had fun shopping because Dada also ended up getting some stuff for himself unlike other times where its just me and Eulla.
Sunday, February 18
We found a really cool thing at Costco for Eulla while shoppping but still thinking if we should get it for her. Do you guys think it's worth it?!?
Eulla on a DORA big bike
Monday, February 19
Presidents Day: Dada has no work today, yehey!!! We just planned for a relaxing day at home. After all, there's has not been a weekend that we just unwind and watch movies at home.
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