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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Girl's day out

We scheduled our day with a girls day out. Eulla, Trina, Isa and I left the house around 1:00pm to run lots of errands and after, treat ourselves for some shopping at Topanga Mall. We decided to stop by at IN-and-OUT for a late lunch before anything else. Then, we went to the Northridge library to borrow some books for Isa's TOEFL exam. After browsing the library, we went to Motorolla service center at Chatsworth to get the RAZR cleaned and get a hinge. Our matching RAZR was bought by my love as a Valentines gift so I want to make sure that it is still nice and working perfectly while it still under warantee. I love my magenta RAZR and I haven't found any phone to replace it. Even Eulla has an attachment to it that I would rather stick to this one till something new and exciting comes out. After leaving the RAZR at Chatsworth, we headed for the mall. Eulla was asleep when we got there but after getting her out of the car seat, she eventually woke up.
The mall was so exciting, we browsed at Macy's first for some shoes but didn't find anything that tickled our fancy. So we strolled down to a few more stores. We went to MAC so that I can buy my powder eyebrow liner and some lipsticks. Then went to ZARA's to look at their latest SALE rack and from there, all us girls went wild over the SALE. After, we went to Nordstrom to look for shoes for my baby girl unfortunately, we didn't find any. So that Eulla will have the same excitement as we did while shopping, Ninang Trina took Eulla to her favorite playtown. Eulla ran everywhere while Ninang Trina ran after her and carried her to go on the slides. (Thanks Ninang Trina). Isa and I kept a look out for our stuff while we ate and drank our Auntie Aunts snack. On the way back to Macy's we took a short trip to the Chanel make up. I ended up splurging on make-up. I just need to find a way to justify this to my loving husband and POGI too (haha love, i know I got you at hello *wink*). We were all drained out of energy by the end of the day so we went to the parking lot to give my love a call to let him know that our day of shopping is over. I am so excited to use everything.
(Isa and Trins, please send me the pics from the playtown...thanks!)

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posted by Eubelle at 12:25 AM


wow! someone had fun shopping for makeup. =P

8:48 PM  

the bareMinerals was not giving me enough coverage. i have so many zit marks. boohooo...i miss facials in the philippines. especially aroma theraphy :( lucky you, you have perfect skin.

9:16 AM  

=P ha! perfect skin...yeah right! =P i have freckles/sun spots. and i also have zit marks especially when it's near my time of the month. =P

i miss aromatherapy too! haven't been there in years.

6:11 PM  

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