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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh!!! The worst thing just happened to me and Eulla. As we were getting ready to go to Sylmar to see Mom and Dad, Eulla was playing behind me while I got dressed. Then I left her where she was at and I went inside the walk in closet in our room to get my jeans and put it on. As I closed the swing door, I heard a cracking sound then there she was...Eulla was screaming and crying with no sound while her fingers were in between the hinge of the door. I got so weak in the knees that I started crying with Eulla. I panicked and looked at her fingers. They were red and I figured they must be broken because I heard a crack. I got everything prepared so that I can take her to the Emergency Room at Northridge while carrying her to make her feel better. I also had her hold on to an ice so that her fingers can be better. I couldn't touch it. I was so scared. I called Eumir to meet me at the ER and also called my parents to let them know. I felt so stupid and helpless while I cried. I thought that my chest was going to burst. Since Eumir's work was near by, he was here even before I left and we went to the ER together. Eumir said "This is the 2nd time this year that we are going to the ER".
Anyways, the weirdest thing happened while we were in the ER. Eulla was just clingy and sweet while she had her head on my shoulders but her fingers were okay. Eumir tried looking at it and felt them. Eulla didn't say a peep. Then Eumir had her hold on to his fingers while Eulla hunged on him and she was fine. I knew I closed the door slowly but I also knew that I heard a crack BUT Eulla was OKAY. What a miracle. Thank God Eulla was okay. I could not forgive myself if something bad happened to our baby girl. It's such a nasty feeling. I don't ever want to feel that way.


posted by Eubelle at 10:54 PM


i'm glad she's ok. i know exactly how you felt. i went through the same thing when maddie and her stroller fell outside. i cried too. =P

1:12 PM  

it feels so bad. i just wish i could've avoided it. i always look around before i close the doors but for some reason, this time i didn't. i thought she was far from me :(

7:07 PM  

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