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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Venice Beach and Huntington Beach

Since Eulla's Ninang Trina is leaving for the Philippines tomorrow. Ninong Jun planned for a whole day of fun with all of us! Eulla and I left the house at 9am and went to Mom and Dad's house to pick them up while Dada went to work. Ninong Jun decided that we will be going to Santa Monica (Venice Beach) and Huntington Beach where Ninang Trina's favorite sushi place it at. On our way to Venice beach, Dada called and said that he is on his was home to rest because he is still not feeling well. Dada has been sick since Monday and took a few days off since then. Too bad Dada didn't get to come.

(I took off eulla's tights for her to be able to feel the sand on her toes)To view more pictures, visit our album at or click on the link at the side. I should have it uploaded my tuesday, february 20.

Huntington Beach at the boardwalk

We will miss you Ninang Trina!!!


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