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Friday, March 30, 2007

A new phone

Bwahahah! I cant believe it. Florizel (my younger sister) gave me a PDA phone for my birthday. It's an early birthday gift. She works with Cingular and so she gets good discounts on phones. Thanks Florizel!
I had to get the phone unlock since it's locked to Cingular and T-Mobile is my cellphone provider. It's what I've been trying to do since this morning. Good thing Charmaine is on line. I was able to get her help with the technical issues on the computer. Thank you so much Charmaine. Dad and I are now browsing through the PDA and it is awsome!!!


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi bAbY!

Since Monday, Eulla and I have been going to Sylmar. Today, Mom is off and so we went there extra early. Ethan and Ate were also there once we got there. As usual, Eulla ran to Dad while they were eating breakfast. Eulla and I had some spam, hotdog and eggs. Eulla loves it when I dip her spam and hot dog in ketchup. She had a heavy breakfast.
Mom and I needed to run a lot of errands so we ended up leaving Eulla with Ate, Uncle Jun and Daddy Pogi. Mom and I went to Portos bakery first to get some pastry and chocolate cake. We had to bring it to her work at Topanga Terrace because a co-worker of her is having a birthday party there. Once we got home, it was already 4PM. Eulla was already awake and she only was wearing a shirt and her pampers. Jun had ended up taking care of her. He said that she was such a good girl and just sat right beside him while watching, after he gave her milk and changed her diapers (good JOB ninong JUN!). While we were there, Dad played with Eulla and for some reason, Eulla just blabbered, HI BABY! We were all shock. She kept saying hi baby and it was so clear.
I had to drop off Eulla back home with Eumir because Jun and I had to pick up a grill at Valencia. I ended up getting it through craigslist. When Jun and I got back, Eumir was excited to tell me that Eulla said HI BABY. I forgot to tell him because I left so fast when I dropped Eulla off hehehe. I told him that she has been saying it a lot today. Eumir said that it might be because every time he sees her he always say HI BABY to her. And I just realized, we all say HI BABY to her. What a day, our baby is beginning to talk.


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Monday, March 26, 2007

DMV at New Hall

I needed to renew my drivers license before my birthday so that it wont be hassle by April. There's too many things going on starting that month. I picked up Dad at Sylmar so he can come with me and Eulla. I needed someone to be with me while they check my eyesight and take a picture. I can't believe that it is now $27 to renew a license. It was only$20 four years ago. We went to the one at Newhall because there are less people. And I was right, it only took me 15 minutes to finish up. I just hope that my picture turned out fine because the lady at DMV just clicked the camera without a warning.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

OFF to Camarillo Outlet...aGaiN

We had to go back to Camarillo Outlet to make sure that we finally get the RIGHT size for Eumir's Ralph Lauren Shirts. I've constantly asked him to try it on first but my LOVE is hard headed when it comes to these kind of things. Anyways, from now on, he will believe me that he is a size 15 with 32-33 length in sleaves. Please take NOTE my love. hehehe.
Since Eulla got a big booboo from Camarillo infront of GAP, Dada made sure that it never happens again. Eumir was so cautious while having Eulla walk. You guys wouldn't believe this but it happened again but not to Eulla. While we were walking at the same exact spot, a little boy tripped and had his hands scraped from the concrete. We finally found out why Eulla tripped. The concrete was all of a sudden rougher than the rest of it at that area. So from there, Eumir just carried Eulla and let her walk as soon as we passed that area.
We had some TCBY ice cream. Eulla was babbling while asking for more and more. We didn't stay long because I wanted to go to Sephora at Topanga Mall to buy what everyone was raving about. I cant wait to try it. It is supposed to give your cheeks a natural rosy color. Better than tints or powder blush according to the cosmetic specialist at Sephora. So Tita Amelia, you need to get one of this because it's supposed to last you the whole day. It's a clear gel, so you cant go wrong. Tin-tin, thank you so much for blogging about it. I put a little gel on my wrist at Sephora and it's still pinkish. I'm so excited! Hope i blush like Eulla when she's hot hehehe.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sad and Happy Day

Eumir had to go to Whittier at Rose Hills Mortuary to attend a funeral of his co-worker in the morning. Eumir grew close to George Chen (Eumir's boss) while working at Sikand Engineering, that he couldn't miss this to say his goodbyes to good man. Eulla and I went to Mom's house right after Eumir left. Mom has not seen Eulla for a week. It was a nice get together because everyone decided to come over so Mom can see all her apos. We all went outside before lunch to watch Dad spread something for the grass. I had Eulla walk around. After about half an hour, we all went back inside because it was getting chilly.
As usual, the family room was a mess after Eulla and Bernie were done playing and watching while Ethan sat on his bouncer and watched everyone. Ate, Isa and I ended up baking a few stuff. Ate baked a dozen muffins on ice cream cones and I baked some food for the god while Isa helped stir all the ingredients.

Eumir followed us at Mom's house after the interment. He decided to wash both cars there. We all had a late lunch. We had some tilapias fried at a grocery store near by and Letty (mom's co-worker) brought some posoles over. We had some mangoes and tomatoes with onion and patis with the tilapia. It was supposed to be a healthy lunch but with all the sweets we baked, it ended up being a yummy lunch with desserts. Then Jun came from his review class from CSUN. So he played with the kids.

Around 2PM, Eulla, Bernie and Ethan took their afternoon power naps while the adults cleaned, watch, surf the net and gossip hehehe (That's the FUN part). After 4PM, the kids woke up and we had a few snacks. Everyone started leaving around 5pm so that Mom and Dad can have their alone time (without the kids).
At home, I opened Eulla's color wonder coloring book because she saw Eumir writing on a piece of paper and insisted she writes as well. She had too much fun writing that she kept trying to get Dada's attention. She kept giving her color wonder pens to Eumir while Eumir told her what color it was. After, she got tired of it and I got her ready for bed. She went to bed around 9:30pm. Finally, Eumir and I get to chat and sleep earlier than 11PM.


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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday at Daddy Pogi's House

Eulla and I went to Daddy Pogi's house to have lunch. Jun cooked his special recipe of pork chops. They were so good even Eulla kept coming back for more. While jun was grilling the pork chops, Eulla played outside with him. After lunch, Dad, Eulla and I went to Island Pacific (Filipino store) to buy some 7D's mango juice concentrate and some tetra pack that we can just take on trips.

We didn't stay that long because we had to meet Eumir back at our place around 5PM and go to Costco to buy some Eulla's soy milk. We usually buy 12 liters of soy milk since it does not get bad as early as whole milk. The ones we just got wont expire till February of 2008. How weird huh? I guess there's a big difference in the major ingredients of the milk.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cuspids Part 2

I have been so busy these past few days. I had totally forgot about Eulla's cuspids. The two bottom ones came out two days after she turned 16 months. Before, its really easy to brush her teeth but since her cuspids came out, I can only brush her teeth for 2 minutes then she runs away from me or she tries to take her toothbrush from me and starts bitting her toothbrush and sucks the toothpaste from it.
Eulla eating her lunch on her own.

I have been watching Eulla's intake of banana because she has been pooing really well lately. Since we changed her milk to soy milk and added mangoes or mango juice to her diet, she has not had any problem going. Unfortunately, she found one of her snacks in the cupboard. It's her graduates cereal bar (banana strawberry). She kept handing the box to me, so I decided to give her a bar and see how she poops today. I couldn't say no. She finished the whole bar. I guess she missed it a lot. She doesn't really finish the whole thing before.
Eumir took the day off today to take me to my orthodontist at Alhambra. After my appointment, we just stayed home because he wanted to unwind and just relax. It's been a hectic week since last week.


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Early bird

I woke up so early today. For some reason I couldn't sleep. I was up by 4:40am. So instead of going back to sleep after giving Eulla 8oz of milk, I just used the computer and did some bills. By 9am, my two babies woke up (Eumir & Eulla). And by that time, I was feeling really sleepy. I took a nap while they had their breakfast. I woke up after an hour. We needed to pick up Eumir's car at Galaxy Auto because we had it tinted yesterday in preparation for the hot summer.

So late afternoon, we picked up the car and went to Lake Balboa Park. This park is one of the biggest park in the valley. I didn't expect it to be cold because for the past weeks, it's been in the high 80's. Eulla, Eumir and I were all wearing shorts. So after a few strolls in the park, we went home. Too bad it was cold because Eulla was just beginning to have fun exploring the grass, leaves on the ground, go on the big sand box and her favorite, seeing different birds fly over the lake. I couldn't take it anymore because I was still congested and pollens were flying in the air (bad allergies). So while I stay away from the pollens, I took several snap shots of Eulla and her Dada.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Early birthday gift!

WoOohOoo!!! We finally got the navigator installed in the SUV. We ended up getting the Pioneer AVIC D3 which came out just a few weeks ago. This is Eumir's early birthday gift to me. Everytime Eulla and I leave the house to either visit family, go shopping, or just go out, I end up calling Eumir on his cell for either directions on how to get there, directions to get out of traffic or because I am lost. Now, I wont have to bother him at work just to find out which way to go. And since we got some extra stuff with the navigation like the IPOD video feature and the steering wheel interface, it will be fun and easy to change music/video with the turn wheel on the screen without having to grab the IPOD. Plus, there's a bonus for me, I can now find places like where the closes Jamba Juice, Starbucks or a grocery store is at with a simple touch of the screen. This is so cool. I am so hyped again. I know what your saying in your head LOVE..."my GOSH, kailan kaya titigil tong asawa ko!!!" or "when will she stop and breathe the fresh air and NOT go shopping."

Jun was with me the whole time we were shopping for the navigation and getting it installed. Jun helped me choose and get the accesorries for it. Kaya, what do you expect, magastos din tong kapatid ko. But thank you so much jun!!! I know I can always count on you!


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mommy Perla's Birthday

It's Mom's 55Th birthday today. Eull and I went to Mommy Perla's house early morning to meet up with the family. We went to the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant at Burbank for lunch. Tita Ameila, Pam, Letty, Rosalie, Deniz, Czarina met us there. I left my camera in the car and we parked far so I didn't get to take pictures but Czarina did. (Hey girl, end me the pics when you get the chance please). Eulla was asleep most of the time we were there but as soon as she woke up, I had to get up from my chair and comfort her. She didn't get to take her 2 hour power nap, so she was cranky.
Eulla while waiting for the food

Since we were near Magnolia, we went to Portos Bakery to pick up Mom's cake. We also ended up buying 3 dozens of the cheese rolls. If you guys haven't taste it, you better! Their cheese rolls melts in your mouth! Once Eulla saw that Mom had her cheese rolls in the car, she asked for some immediately. She finished a whole cheese roll with extra cheese on the sides. Mom and Dad kept giving her little bites of theirs as well. While we were in the SUV, Eulla saw a big billboard with Meet the Robinsons on it and yelled WOW, wow, woW. I knew right away that she wanted to watch that movie but how?!?! The DVD wont be coming out anytime soon. Well, Eumir and I will figure something out. (Maybe bring her to the movies?!?)
The PrincessJulia, Eulla and Bernie

For Dinner the whole family went to Famous Dave's Barbecue. It was fun. We were able to get the patio location so we can see the sunset. It was also good for the kids because we had enough room for them to run around without having to bump in to anyone we didn't know. Other kids saw Eulla, Bernie and Deniz's daughter that they wanted to play with them as well. I guess they were that loud. All together it was a great night.
Happy 55th Birthday Mom!!!

Please visit our album for more pictures and click here.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuffed up

Eulla playing in her hello kitty bucket

Eumir and I are feeling really sick. We are both stuffed up and sound really bad. Eulla is well now but she has the energy of a ...well a toddler! I feel really bad for her because I usually have play time and reading time for her but she is glued on the TV on nick jr, disney channel or her DVD's while I'm in bed. During her break from the television, she would go to her bounce and spin zeebra or play in her dora tent. I only get up to get her, her meals and snack.

Since I am feeling really crappy, I ordered our dinner at A & W Seafood Restaurant. We are having egg flour soup, tilapia with salt & pepper, sweet and pungent shrimp, and the all time favorite house special noodle.

Eulla eating her noodles
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday in the 90's

Eulla having her breakfast...It is quite hot today. Too bad Eumir and I have a cold while Eulla is just getting better. She had a cold starting Friday afternoon and now, it's almost gone. All I did was keep giving her lots of water, juice and her 160z of milk for the day. I think we got our colds from her. I feel so exhausted playing and chasing her. Luckily, Eumir has the energy to still play peek-a-boo and piggy back ride with her. She enjoys climbing on Dada's back while she giggles and kicks her feet at Dada's side (does it hurt dada?)

We went to Costco today to do our grocery shopping. Then, we went to Mom's house. Eumir taught Isa how to drive for a few hours because her behind the wheel exam is on Monday. Eulla and I stayed with Mom and Dad. Eulla just played and played till she cried and fell asleep in Mom and Dad's bed. We woke Eulla up around 4pm so that we can finish up our grocery shopping at Ralphs (some of the stuff we needed were not available at Costco). Once we got home, we fixed up our groceries and decided to watch Cars with Eulla. She enjoyed it so much that she just sat back and relax with us on the couch. Towards the end, she got fussy because she wanted her milk. After her 6oz of milk, we sat back again and finished up the movie. It was a pretty good movie. Eulla had many reactions to the movie...her frightened yell (o-oh) and her happy face (Wow).
Thanks for the dress Mommy Perla!!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007


We went back to Camarillo today to exchange two of Eumir's shirts from Ralph Lauren and get a bigger size of sandals for Eulla from GAP. Eulla's sandals ended up being too exact for her so I decided since we were going back, might as well get a size 6-7.

Anyways, here comes the boohoooo part...
As I was exchanging Eulla's sandals, I asked Eumir if he can take Eulla from me while I was in line since the line was so l-o-n-g. I didn't want her to get bored. She actually already started whining. Eumir decided to leave the stroller with me so she and Eulla can walk around outside and chase the birds around. While I was at the cashier, I heard a cry and so I called Eumir on my cell. I was right, it was Eulla crying. Eumir said that she tripped and hit her face on the pavement. He brought her quickly to the car and checked her out. I ran to TCBY to ask for some ice for her lips. Eumir was so upset. He doesn't know how it happened. He was just holding her arm and poof...she fell. Her face is kind of swollen right now as well as her lips. Its heart breaking when you see your baby hurting. Eumir and I were weak in our knees while Eulla laugh and smiled while watching Little Mermaid in the SUV. It made us feel better seeing her not so affected. But, it looks bad, so Eumir still feels bad. Our poor baby.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

16 Months

Eulla is 16 months today. Eulla loves to be LOVED. When she sees me and her Dada hugging, she either squeezes herself in between us or hug both our legs. Before, she used to get really jealous and starts crying but now, she just tries to get herself in between us. She likes to kiss her Dada a lot. Lately, shes been really sweet and clingy to her Dada (a sudden change).
Eulla loves to dance. When she hears any music that's upbeat, she spins and spins with her right arm extended until she falls on the ground. Her Dada dances with her and does the Eulla's dance. It makes me laugh till my eyes gets watery. It is hilarious!

So far, she sleeps through the night but it can change when she's teething but once it's out, she gets back to her sleeping habit (about a 9-10 hour sleep and naps for an hour an a half, after lunch)
Eulla eats well. We make sure that she eats whatever is served on the table. I dont prepare anything special just for her unless specified by her pediatrician. I dont want her to be a picky eater (I was when I was little). I just noticed that she loves SWEETS. She has a sweet tooth like me.

Since it's her special day, I gave her Yan Yan for her afternoon snack. (Dada, please dont get upset...minsan, minsan lang po.)

Eulla has been saying a lot of things lately. She can say oh oh, wow, hello, hi, bye, she can count up to five and claps her hands when she finishes counting while saying yehey.
Yesterday, I took out her Dora the Explorer "Bop the ball" game out of the box so I can get it ready for her to play in today. She enjoyed playing on it today. Especially when her Dada played peek-a-boo with her on the Dora ball pool. It's all worth it when Eumir and I see her so happy and excited playing.

Since it is another month of celebration, we ordered Cheezy Bites from Pizza Hut. Eulla loves to eat the cheezy bites part dipped into marina sauce. We had a blast looking at Eulla enjoy her day from playing, giving her sweet treats and eating one of her favorite food. Today is ALL about our baby girl.

Happy 16th month baby!


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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend Shopping Spree

Whew, I can't argue about what happened the whole weekend. I think something got into Eumir that he just kept saying "YES" to everything Eulla and I asked for.
The weekend was full of happy shopping and road trip to places. Saturday morning, we got a phone call from Auntie Nene and asked for us to meet them at Oxnard because Uncle Reylen just got back from his work (he is in the navy). So we had to cancel all of our other plans and reschedule. But of course, when we visit Oxnard, we most always pass by Camarillo Outlet. So there, we started our visits to our favorite stores like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, babyGAP and SAKS. Since Dada is now an official Professional Engineer, he had to buy extra clothes for his work.

While he was at it, Eulla and I just kept putting our stuff in the shopping bag because we had a VIP pass for extra savings :) The best part, Dada gave Eulla and I each a shopping budget since there is an extra paycheck this month *wink* After our shopping spree at Camarillo Outlet, we went to Auntie Glo's house at Oxnard and met with everyone. We had the usual for dinner, Lobster from San Diego!

Sunday was the best part of our shopping spree. I was so excited when I woke up that I might have given Eumir a migraine just talking about it. He must have been scared and thought..."oh my gosh, I wonder how much my MRS. Ruanto will spend today?" We went to Beverly Hills for this special something and to my shock, my love has been asking around on where is the best place to go to get his valentine/BF&GF anniversary gift for me.
We went to Westfield Century City Shopping Center because it was recommended by his co-worker. First thing we did when we got there was look at the directory and try to find where LOUIS VUITTON was located. Since it was lunch time, Eumir said that right after we get my purse, we better eat. (Take note, he was sensitive enough to get my purse first before we ate even if it was pass 12:30pm...what a husband!) And so, here it is, my Monogram Speedy 30 purse.
Last wedding anniversary, he got me a GUCCI purse from Italy. After that, he said, that is it with purses! He was WRONG! I guess he couldn't refuse this time and got me another purse BWAHAHAHA!!! This time, he said again, "oh ayan, siguro naman that's it for now with purses." We'll just have to see. Then he said, "bagay nga sayo yang new purse mo!" and I gave him a smile and a hug. THANK YOU LOVE!
We ate at Sorabol Korean BBQ for lunch at Century Mall. This mall is really nice. Eumir even said that we should go here from time to time even if it's at least an hour drive. Although, the weather needs to be really nice because it was an outdoor mall. Eulla enjoyed strolling everywhere. She liked chasing the birds outdoors. While we were chasing Eulla around, she brought us near Bloomingdales. Dada bought a pair of jeans. After bloomingdales, we went to Tiffany's & Co. to look for a bracelet. Then, we strolled around some more and I got a few things at ZARA. I think, I finally got enough of shopping and I asked Eumir if we can go home.
We went to Mom's house after shopping because we had previous engagement. Eumir taught Isa how to drive here in the U.S. Her hands on driving exam is on March 12. They strolled around with his car for two hours. After teaching her, we had dinner with the whole family. Eulla was so tired that she was cranky by the end of the day. We went home right after watching. I am so happy! This is the best day ever!!! WHOhoo!!!!!!!


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