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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mommy Perla's Birthday

It's Mom's 55Th birthday today. Eull and I went to Mommy Perla's house early morning to meet up with the family. We went to the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant at Burbank for lunch. Tita Ameila, Pam, Letty, Rosalie, Deniz, Czarina met us there. I left my camera in the car and we parked far so I didn't get to take pictures but Czarina did. (Hey girl, end me the pics when you get the chance please). Eulla was asleep most of the time we were there but as soon as she woke up, I had to get up from my chair and comfort her. She didn't get to take her 2 hour power nap, so she was cranky.
Eulla while waiting for the food

Since we were near Magnolia, we went to Portos Bakery to pick up Mom's cake. We also ended up buying 3 dozens of the cheese rolls. If you guys haven't taste it, you better! Their cheese rolls melts in your mouth! Once Eulla saw that Mom had her cheese rolls in the car, she asked for some immediately. She finished a whole cheese roll with extra cheese on the sides. Mom and Dad kept giving her little bites of theirs as well. While we were in the SUV, Eulla saw a big billboard with Meet the Robinsons on it and yelled WOW, wow, woW. I knew right away that she wanted to watch that movie but how?!?! The DVD wont be coming out anytime soon. Well, Eumir and I will figure something out. (Maybe bring her to the movies?!?)
The PrincessJulia, Eulla and Bernie

For Dinner the whole family went to Famous Dave's Barbecue. It was fun. We were able to get the patio location so we can see the sunset. It was also good for the kids because we had enough room for them to run around without having to bump in to anyone we didn't know. Other kids saw Eulla, Bernie and Deniz's daughter that they wanted to play with them as well. I guess they were that loud. All together it was a great night.
Happy 55th Birthday Mom!!!

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belated happy birthday tita perla! Ü

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