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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cuspids Part 2

I have been so busy these past few days. I had totally forgot about Eulla's cuspids. The two bottom ones came out two days after she turned 16 months. Before, its really easy to brush her teeth but since her cuspids came out, I can only brush her teeth for 2 minutes then she runs away from me or she tries to take her toothbrush from me and starts bitting her toothbrush and sucks the toothpaste from it.
Eulla eating her lunch on her own.

I have been watching Eulla's intake of banana because she has been pooing really well lately. Since we changed her milk to soy milk and added mangoes or mango juice to her diet, she has not had any problem going. Unfortunately, she found one of her snacks in the cupboard. It's her graduates cereal bar (banana strawberry). She kept handing the box to me, so I decided to give her a bar and see how she poops today. I couldn't say no. She finished the whole bar. I guess she missed it a lot. She doesn't really finish the whole thing before.
Eumir took the day off today to take me to my orthodontist at Alhambra. After my appointment, we just stayed home because he wanted to unwind and just relax. It's been a hectic week since last week.


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