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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday at Daddy Pogi's House

Eulla and I went to Daddy Pogi's house to have lunch. Jun cooked his special recipe of pork chops. They were so good even Eulla kept coming back for more. While jun was grilling the pork chops, Eulla played outside with him. After lunch, Dad, Eulla and I went to Island Pacific (Filipino store) to buy some 7D's mango juice concentrate and some tetra pack that we can just take on trips.

We didn't stay that long because we had to meet Eumir back at our place around 5PM and go to Costco to buy some Eulla's soy milk. We usually buy 12 liters of soy milk since it does not get bad as early as whole milk. The ones we just got wont expire till February of 2008. How weird huh? I guess there's a big difference in the major ingredients of the milk.


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