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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi bAbY!

Since Monday, Eulla and I have been going to Sylmar. Today, Mom is off and so we went there extra early. Ethan and Ate were also there once we got there. As usual, Eulla ran to Dad while they were eating breakfast. Eulla and I had some spam, hotdog and eggs. Eulla loves it when I dip her spam and hot dog in ketchup. She had a heavy breakfast.
Mom and I needed to run a lot of errands so we ended up leaving Eulla with Ate, Uncle Jun and Daddy Pogi. Mom and I went to Portos bakery first to get some pastry and chocolate cake. We had to bring it to her work at Topanga Terrace because a co-worker of her is having a birthday party there. Once we got home, it was already 4PM. Eulla was already awake and she only was wearing a shirt and her pampers. Jun had ended up taking care of her. He said that she was such a good girl and just sat right beside him while watching, after he gave her milk and changed her diapers (good JOB ninong JUN!). While we were there, Dad played with Eulla and for some reason, Eulla just blabbered, HI BABY! We were all shock. She kept saying hi baby and it was so clear.
I had to drop off Eulla back home with Eumir because Jun and I had to pick up a grill at Valencia. I ended up getting it through craigslist. When Jun and I got back, Eumir was excited to tell me that Eulla said HI BABY. I forgot to tell him because I left so fast when I dropped Eulla off hehehe. I told him that she has been saying it a lot today. Eumir said that it might be because every time he sees her he always say HI BABY to her. And I just realized, we all say HI BABY to her. What a day, our baby is beginning to talk.


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