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Sunday, March 25, 2007

OFF to Camarillo Outlet...aGaiN

We had to go back to Camarillo Outlet to make sure that we finally get the RIGHT size for Eumir's Ralph Lauren Shirts. I've constantly asked him to try it on first but my LOVE is hard headed when it comes to these kind of things. Anyways, from now on, he will believe me that he is a size 15 with 32-33 length in sleaves. Please take NOTE my love. hehehe.
Since Eulla got a big booboo from Camarillo infront of GAP, Dada made sure that it never happens again. Eumir was so cautious while having Eulla walk. You guys wouldn't believe this but it happened again but not to Eulla. While we were walking at the same exact spot, a little boy tripped and had his hands scraped from the concrete. We finally found out why Eulla tripped. The concrete was all of a sudden rougher than the rest of it at that area. So from there, Eumir just carried Eulla and let her walk as soon as we passed that area.
We had some TCBY ice cream. Eulla was babbling while asking for more and more. We didn't stay long because I wanted to go to Sephora at Topanga Mall to buy what everyone was raving about. I cant wait to try it. It is supposed to give your cheeks a natural rosy color. Better than tints or powder blush according to the cosmetic specialist at Sephora. So Tita Amelia, you need to get one of this because it's supposed to last you the whole day. It's a clear gel, so you cant go wrong. Tin-tin, thank you so much for blogging about it. I put a little gel on my wrist at Sephora and it's still pinkish. I'm so excited! Hope i blush like Eulla when she's hot hehehe.

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