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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sad and Happy Day

Eumir had to go to Whittier at Rose Hills Mortuary to attend a funeral of his co-worker in the morning. Eumir grew close to George Chen (Eumir's boss) while working at Sikand Engineering, that he couldn't miss this to say his goodbyes to good man. Eulla and I went to Mom's house right after Eumir left. Mom has not seen Eulla for a week. It was a nice get together because everyone decided to come over so Mom can see all her apos. We all went outside before lunch to watch Dad spread something for the grass. I had Eulla walk around. After about half an hour, we all went back inside because it was getting chilly.
As usual, the family room was a mess after Eulla and Bernie were done playing and watching while Ethan sat on his bouncer and watched everyone. Ate, Isa and I ended up baking a few stuff. Ate baked a dozen muffins on ice cream cones and I baked some food for the god while Isa helped stir all the ingredients.

Eumir followed us at Mom's house after the interment. He decided to wash both cars there. We all had a late lunch. We had some tilapias fried at a grocery store near by and Letty (mom's co-worker) brought some posoles over. We had some mangoes and tomatoes with onion and patis with the tilapia. It was supposed to be a healthy lunch but with all the sweets we baked, it ended up being a yummy lunch with desserts. Then Jun came from his review class from CSUN. So he played with the kids.

Around 2PM, Eulla, Bernie and Ethan took their afternoon power naps while the adults cleaned, watch, surf the net and gossip hehehe (That's the FUN part). After 4PM, the kids woke up and we had a few snacks. Everyone started leaving around 5pm so that Mom and Dad can have their alone time (without the kids).
At home, I opened Eulla's color wonder coloring book because she saw Eumir writing on a piece of paper and insisted she writes as well. She had too much fun writing that she kept trying to get Dada's attention. She kept giving her color wonder pens to Eumir while Eumir told her what color it was. After, she got tired of it and I got her ready for bed. She went to bed around 9:30pm. Finally, Eumir and I get to chat and sleep earlier than 11PM.


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