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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuffed up

Eulla playing in her hello kitty bucket

Eumir and I are feeling really sick. We are both stuffed up and sound really bad. Eulla is well now but she has the energy of a ...well a toddler! I feel really bad for her because I usually have play time and reading time for her but she is glued on the TV on nick jr, disney channel or her DVD's while I'm in bed. During her break from the television, she would go to her bounce and spin zeebra or play in her dora tent. I only get up to get her, her meals and snack.

Since I am feeling really crappy, I ordered our dinner at A & W Seafood Restaurant. We are having egg flour soup, tilapia with salt & pepper, sweet and pungent shrimp, and the all time favorite house special noodle.

Eulla eating her noodles
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