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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend Shopping Spree

Whew, I can't argue about what happened the whole weekend. I think something got into Eumir that he just kept saying "YES" to everything Eulla and I asked for.
The weekend was full of happy shopping and road trip to places. Saturday morning, we got a phone call from Auntie Nene and asked for us to meet them at Oxnard because Uncle Reylen just got back from his work (he is in the navy). So we had to cancel all of our other plans and reschedule. But of course, when we visit Oxnard, we most always pass by Camarillo Outlet. So there, we started our visits to our favorite stores like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, babyGAP and SAKS. Since Dada is now an official Professional Engineer, he had to buy extra clothes for his work.

While he was at it, Eulla and I just kept putting our stuff in the shopping bag because we had a VIP pass for extra savings :) The best part, Dada gave Eulla and I each a shopping budget since there is an extra paycheck this month *wink* After our shopping spree at Camarillo Outlet, we went to Auntie Glo's house at Oxnard and met with everyone. We had the usual for dinner, Lobster from San Diego!

Sunday was the best part of our shopping spree. I was so excited when I woke up that I might have given Eumir a migraine just talking about it. He must have been scared and thought..."oh my gosh, I wonder how much my MRS. Ruanto will spend today?" We went to Beverly Hills for this special something and to my shock, my love has been asking around on where is the best place to go to get his valentine/BF&GF anniversary gift for me.
We went to Westfield Century City Shopping Center because it was recommended by his co-worker. First thing we did when we got there was look at the directory and try to find where LOUIS VUITTON was located. Since it was lunch time, Eumir said that right after we get my purse, we better eat. (Take note, he was sensitive enough to get my purse first before we ate even if it was pass 12:30pm...what a husband!) And so, here it is, my Monogram Speedy 30 purse.
Last wedding anniversary, he got me a GUCCI purse from Italy. After that, he said, that is it with purses! He was WRONG! I guess he couldn't refuse this time and got me another purse BWAHAHAHA!!! This time, he said again, "oh ayan, siguro naman that's it for now with purses." We'll just have to see. Then he said, "bagay nga sayo yang new purse mo!" and I gave him a smile and a hug. THANK YOU LOVE!
We ate at Sorabol Korean BBQ for lunch at Century Mall. This mall is really nice. Eumir even said that we should go here from time to time even if it's at least an hour drive. Although, the weather needs to be really nice because it was an outdoor mall. Eulla enjoyed strolling everywhere. She liked chasing the birds outdoors. While we were chasing Eulla around, she brought us near Bloomingdales. Dada bought a pair of jeans. After bloomingdales, we went to Tiffany's & Co. to look for a bracelet. Then, we strolled around some more and I got a few things at ZARA. I think, I finally got enough of shopping and I asked Eumir if we can go home.
We went to Mom's house after shopping because we had previous engagement. Eumir taught Isa how to drive here in the U.S. Her hands on driving exam is on March 12. They strolled around with his car for two hours. After teaching her, we had dinner with the whole family. Eulla was so tired that she was cranky by the end of the day. We went home right after watching. I am so happy! This is the best day ever!!! WHOhoo!!!!!!!


posted by Eubelle at 8:32 PM


wow! how fun! the sandals for eulla are cuuuuuute! Ü

11:58 AM  

they are comfy too. nice and soft in between the toes.
getting ready for spring and summer tita charmaine :)

4:21 PM  

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