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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

Everyone decided that we baptize the grill we got by grilling some Korean BBQ. Dad called late afternoon and asked if they can come over for dinner. Luckily, Eumir and I bought some short ribs at the greenland market ahead of time. We also marinated it already, so it was a perfect timing. Dad, Mom, Jun, Isa, Florizel and Quinton came over around 6pm and brought some chips and Ben and Jerry ice cream. Eumir, Eulla and I just finished watching Superman Returns.
We started dinner around 7pm. After dinner, everyone just watched and played with Eulla. Eulla loves visitors. When anyone comes over, she shows off by showing all her tricks. Of course, everyone enjoyed her tricks like dancing, flipping over, beautiful eyes, pretending that she's eating and will offer her imaginary food. Right after offering her imaginary food, she will make her refreshing sound as if she just finished a glass full of milk/juice/water. It is a funny sight.
Since tomorrow is Monday, they all decided to go home early because of work. Eulla kept saying bye and blowing her flying kiss to everyone even up to where Dad and Mom were already in the car. A few minutes after everyone left, I got her ready for bed by changing her outfit to pajamas and brushing her teeth. Right after her 6oz of milk, she was knocked out! I guess she got tired showing off.
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