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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baby sitting

I had to help Dad take care of Ethan Tuesday, so Eulla and I were there around 11am. I've forgotten how small babies can be. I guess I just dont remember Eulla being as small as Ethan because Eulla had always been on the chunky side :0)! Eulla was asleep by 1pm and so I was able to juggle taking care of them. Plus, Dad kept an eye on Eulla while she was asleep.

Around 4pm, Bernie and Vic picked Ethan up and by that time, Eulla woke up. Since the weather was just right, I asked Dad if we can walk around the neighborhood. Jun followed after 5 minutes and caught up with us near the park. He brought Justin with him since Cheska was already with us. Eulla had a good time riding in the car while the dogs chased after her. After a while, we had to go home to meet up with Dada. He needs to fast because they need to get blood samples from him to check his stats (cholesterol... etc.).
Eulla with Daddy Pogi, Jun, Cheska and JustinEthan at 4 Months and one day
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