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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bernie's 6th Birthday

Saturday, we went to Fire Stone first. We met up with everyone at Valencia and ate lunch there. After our lunch, we all convoyed to Mountasia which was a few miles away from the restaurant. Once we got there, the weather was a bit gloomy but the sun came out once the "kids" went out for the go cart (kids, meaning the dads with their little ones). We also had a chance to meet Trina's sister, Nicole. Jun picked her up from Lake Elsenor. When we all saw her, we thought that she looked so much like Trina. Eulla even thought that she was her Ninang that she immediately raised both her hands to be carried. Can you believe it? We all had so much fun at Mountasia. Eumir ended up getting a lot of tickets from the games that we were able to get Eulla a view finder-Finding Nemo. It was worth 1650 tickets. We also had some help from Dad and Nicole. Thank you!!!

Here are some pictures from the event. Jun also posted some pictures. You can click here for more pictures. Ethan and Daniel at 4 months

By the time Eulla was tired, Eumir and I left her with Dad and Mom so we can all play lazerdome laser tag. It was fun, I even beat my love and Jun hahaha! And to think I was scared that I'll be the one with less points. So I guess I am a pretty good shooter. Overall, it was a fun day. We ended up going home at 8PM. A whole 8 hour party.
And my favorite picture...


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looks like you found the font i use.

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yup and it's rated one of the top 10 fonts. its so cute. finally had the chance to browse on line.

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