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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Diagnosed Shopaholic

What a refreshing sleep. We all woke up feeling nice and well rested. Right after breakfast, Eumir and I decided to upgrade the desktop. We added 512mb of memory. But before even openning the CPU, we made sure that our IT specialist (Charmaine) is on line (thanks charmaine! i wouldn't have done it without you). Here's Eulla and Dada trying to fix the computer. After a successful upgrade, we all just relaxed and watched TV. Since I saw that Eulla and Eumir were both doing fine, I decided to have a little ME time. I asked Eumir if I can go the mall and buy some make-up. So, I left them around 2pm while Eulla was taking her nap.
Once I got to Topanga Mall, I saw that mostly all the kids store was having a big sale. I couldn't stop myslef that I eneded up buying Eulla some clothes. Right after getting her some outfit, I bought my eyebrow liner at MAC and some lipstick and lipliner. Then, I stopped by at Banana Republic and Abecrombie & Fitch. I had to finally remind myself that I only went there to get some make up and just go to CPK for Eumir's salad.

Once I got home, Eumir and Eulla went to the garage to help me with the stuff I bought. Eulla was so happy to see me that she ran to me and one of her slipper came off flying bwahahaha! She was excited to see me and I was excited for her to try on all the clothes I got her.

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