Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Monday: Early morning (6am), Eumir was not feeling so well. I had to take him to the hospital. I brought Eulla to Mom's house before going to Northridge Hospital. I dont want to go into details but Eumir is doing fine. He just needs to relax and unwind. Since we woke up so early, after getting home around 2pm, we all took a three hour nap. I guess Eulla was tired too. Dad said she was such a good girl while she was with them.
Tuesday: We (Eumir, Eulla, and I) just went to our dry cleaners to pick up some of Eumir's work clothes then we went to visit Mom and Dad. After hanging around at their house for an hour, we went to Island Pacific to buy some healthy food (ie. fish and vegetables). Last errand was Costco. We had to buy Eulla's soy milk. After that, we just stayed home and relax. I did some laundry and cleaned the house a bit.
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