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Monday, April 23, 2007


Monday already!!! I cant believe that the weekend went by so fast. Eumir and I have been so busy. Eulla however has the energy of a jet, running around and playing. I haven't been updating because I want to be able to do some stuff for myself. So from now on, I will only update this blog when I am able.
Saturday, Eulla, Eumir and I went to Glendale at Todai for a baptism. We were there for an hour or so and ate. After, since it was in the building of the mall (Glendale Galleria), we decided to stroll and do a little shopping. I ended up being the only one who got some stuff. Eulla and Dada just strolled around while I did my shopping. I mostly stayed at Banana Republic and MAC. Eumir almost gave up running after Eulla that he ended up going inside Banana Republic. We decided to go home after a few hours because Eulla has not taken her nap yet and it was around 3PM already. By the time we left the parking lot, Eulla was already asleep. She must have been so tired impressing everyone at the party with her hello and bye words with a matching wave of the hand and of course, running around with Dada at the mall.

Eulla at Glendale Galleria

Sunday, early morning the three on us went to a McDonalds drive thru which is only a block away from us. we had the usual McDonald's breakfast. Eulla had some hashbrown with her favorite ketchup. This little girl LOVES ketchup. She can just dip her finger in a bowl of ketchup and lick it. It can be her meal hahaha! After, we just cleaned up around the house and relaxed.
I also opened up a new toy for Eulla. It was one of her birthday gifts. She likes listening to what it says like horse, eagle or snail. She would clap when she hears it.
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