Eulla and Eulleah

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Guessing Game?!?!

What a night! Eulla was crying from 2am to 3am on and off. She has been like this since Monday. The only time she didnt wake up in the middle of the night was yesterday. Eumir and I totally loss sleep because Eulla was so bothered by something. First Eumir thought that she might be hungry, so I got her 7oz of milk. She only finished 5oz of it. Then after a few minutes, she still cried. So we figured she might have gas because of the sound of her tummy. We put the aceite manzanilla on her tummy. She slept for 5 minutes or so, then cried terribly, like she was hurting. So the last thing we could think of was she was teething. We've thought about this since Monday but I'm still not sure. We gave her 1 tablet of the teething tablet and she went to sleep on my tummy. After 5 minutes, she wanted to be in her Dada's arms. Finally, she didnt cry and went to sleep around 3:15am. I was just glancing at her because I know after a few hours, Dada's arm might feel numb with Eulla lying on it but I didnt want to bother her sleep. She was sleeping soundly by then. I hope she sleeps better tonight.
Eumir and I were talking about her in the middle of the night and we definitely saw a big change in Eulla. She seems like she understand more of what we ask from her. She also knows her tricks so well that makes us so proud of her. She loves to kiss and throw flying kisses to everyone especially when she knows she's about to get in trouble. Just yesterday, she brought back her beautiful eyes with the snorting sound which Dada loves by the way. For a whole month, she didnt want to do it.

Eulla enjoying her Mc Donalds Caramel Sundae
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Friday, May 25, 2007

A long time

Gesh, it has been a long time since I've blogged. Theres just so many things that went on. Before anything else, Eulla got better the following day she was sick. Looks like she wasn't used to getting her fingers dirty with park sand that she had an infection. When she went poop the following day, her fever went down and eventually, she went back to her normal self on the third day. During the two days, she got so clingy. She always wanted to be carried or she wants someone to always be around just a couple of inches away from her. Thank GOD she's better. It's always hard to wonder what's wrong because she cant say what hurts.
For the past couple of days, we had been going to Kaiser. There has been a really shocking news for the whole family and I'd rather we just live our lives normally and enjoy it. Here's Eulla eating her Graduates, lil' crunch...veggie flavor.

All gone....
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Eulla is sick :-(

Early morning, Eulla and I met up with Betty to go to the park and just hang out. We went to the Petit Park at Devonshire. After having Eulla play in the sand, the swing and the slides, we went to pick up Estella at school. After we picked up Estella, we had some snack at a coffee bar in Northridge Mall. We had the two girls play at the paytown while Betty and I chit chat. Then, when the kids got tired, Betty and I decided to go to babyGAP and shop for the kids. If only our husbands knew that it is expensive for us to hang out together because we end up buying the kids more slippers/sandals (as if they dont have enough). Anyways, after lunch we decided to go home. Eulla and I went to Mom's house to visit.
Once we got to Sylmar, Mom said that Eulla felt hot. I thought that maybe it was just the weather but even after 5 minutes of cooling down in the house, she was still super hot. When we checked her, she had fever of 101.9 F. Mom and Dad gave her some Tylenol while I tried to trick her into paying attention to me instead of the luck...she ended up spitting out most of it. Mom gave her more and finally, she swallowed most of it. Crying and kicking, after an hour, her fever went down. But by dinner time, she was hot again with a fever of 102F. Eumir and I referred to her physician and she asked if Eulla had a cold or a cough but no signs of it. So therefore, the doctor said to just watch her close and give her 1.6 tylenol every 4 hours if shes uncomfortable because it might be an infection trying to come out. She needs to go poop so that her fever will go down. So for the mean's a waiting game.


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I didn't get to take many pictures for today's occasion. I guess we were all pretty caught up with the fact that Jun is leaving. Around noon time, everyone went to Sylmar (Dad and Mom's house) to eat lunch and to see Uncle Jun off. Eulla played around the house after eating her numero uno pizza. Eumir asked me where I wanted to go for lunch, but I said that I was happy just going to mom's house to see my brother. Here's Eulla with Uncle Jun...

Past 3PM, we went ahead to go to Topanga Mall to continue celebrating Mother's Day. Dad and Mom will be the one to bring Jun to Westin hotel, near LAX around 4:30PM. We just strolled around the mall and bought something for me :) We had Eulla run around the mall including the playtown. Then we just went home to relax and watch some stuff in our DVR.

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMS!
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Despedida for Uncle Jun

Jun is leaving for the U.S. army on Sunday, May 13 (mother's day). For the party, we started getting the food ready around 1pm. Mom was at work so it was just up to us (ate, jun and me) to prepare for the party. Jun did most of the cooking - curry shrimp, carbonara, salpicao and more. Eumir grilled the kolbi and bulgogi. Ate made saviche and pot roast. We had fun cooking together. I guess that was part of our quality time.
Around 3pm was the time when people started to arrive. First it was our cousin and her family then Dad's cousin and so on....
There were lots of kids so we decided to put on a movie for them on the mac to have them settle down in one place. We also gave them ice cream. In the middle of the movie sharks tale, they all got bored. So we took a stroll outside. Eulla, Estela and Mitchel enjoyed playing outside. It got pretty tiring.

With Mommy belle and Mommy betty

Now, with Daddy reggie and Daddy eumir

Jun was busy entertaining inside but he did come out to play a little with Eulla. As soon as it got dark outside, Jun did his fire show for the kids. Boy, did the kids enjoy it. They were screaming for more. I was more stressed about it because it hit jun a couple of times. Too bad Eulla was asleep by then. She didn't take a nap at all so by 8pm, she was knocked out. Maybe you can do it for Eulla's party Ninong Jun!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

18th Months Pedia Check Up

Eumir and I brought Eulla to her pediatrician this afternoon. I have to say, I was impressed with our baby girl. She responded to most of what we asked from her pretty well. Even Dada was proud of his little girl. When we say "stay put Eulla, she will just check your breathing", she just stayed on her Dada's lap. The only thing she didn't want to do is stay in the bed. She would rather be checked in our arms or her Dada's lap. She only cried once, and that's when we put her in the bed so we decided, she'll just stay in our arms while the doctor checked her out.

Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 30 1/2"
Head circumference: 18.5"

After the check up, we went to Jamba juice to get our favorite Razmataz with fiber boost. Then, we went to Sports Chalet to get Dada's weights. After that, we went to Northridge mall. We ended up just buying Eulla an outfit. We also had Eulla play in the playtown. I think she was tired and sleepy after 30 minutes of playing because she did not cry at all when her Dada put her shoes on and took her out of there. Right after that, we decided to go home because the weather was so hot.


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

18 Months

Eulla is one and a half today. Since she was 3 months old, she is still sucking her thumb. She still loves her St. Patricks white lampin which serves as her security blanket. She cannot sleep with out it or suck her thumb without sniffing or holding it. She also knows the difference between other white cloth even with her eyes closed. Pretty cool huh?!?
Eulla has been sleeping through the night since my last post of four days in a row. She also uses her sippy cup more often than her avent bottles for juices. She only uses her avent bottles for her milk. She likes to drink through cups and bottled water. We have no problems in feeding her. She'll eat anything that we give her just as long as its cut into small pieces.
Eulla has been dancing a lot now and sings to backyardiagan songs by screaming words we dont understand. She pretends to trip or fall when she wants attention and says uh oh. She likes to say hi and hello there to everyone she sees. She likes to kiss me and her Dada right away when she knows she's done something bad. For some reason, she stopped doing her beautiful eyes, I dont know why.
Eulla likes to dress up and when she knows she's all glammed up, she would want to hear us say WOW, your so pretty!
Eulla is a handfull! She runs and climbs everywhere now. Eumir is definitely getting his exercises because he runs after her while I scream and call out their names. Maybe from time to time, I would run after her, that is, only if I am not wearing my wedges or pumps. Us moms have to look good you know!
Well, here are pictures of Eulla at 18 months. We all got together at Mom's house late afternoon. So, the whole Villanueva family was there.

For breakfast, I gave her some waffles. She didn't even want to brush her hair when she saw that I was making her waffles. Here is our baby eintein. Eumir calls her that when her hair is everywhere.


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dada's 31st Birthday

We went to Huntington Beach at Main Street for Dada's birthday. We were there a little before noon. The weather was perfect because it was in the high 70's while at the valley, it was scorching hot (90's).

Once we got there, there were tons of people because they were having a beach volleyball tournament. We went to the beach once we got there so that we can have a good spot near the water. Eulla seemed like she remembers the place all too well. She just walked on the sand as soon as I put her down on the ground. Before, she felt icky about it because she was getting sand in between her toes. But this time, she was used to it and even ran after Dada who was carrying all our stuff including Eulla's stroller. We just played in the sand and Dada took Eulla in the water but it was still too cold, so they ran back to me and just played in the sand. Around 1pm, there were sooo many people that we decided to have our lunch already. Of course, what is Huntington beach without eating at Sushi on Fire! They have the best rolls there, it cant compare anywhere else.

After our lunch, Eulla took her nap in the stroller while we went for a stroll on main street. I had to go to most of the shops there to see what I can buy for me and Eulla. We enjoyed our day at HB. I dont think we'll ever get sick of this place, all thanks to my brother who first brought us here.


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dada's b-day gift & a House Warming

Before going to Riverside for the house warming, we decided to celebrate Dada's birthday a day early so that we can have the whole weekend to celebrate. We went to Chowking for their almuchow. We just had a sudden craving of the typical filipino breakfast, the tocino, eggs and rice and the daing with rice and eggs. All I can say is ummm-ummm GOOD! Oh, and we had it to go because its a lot easier to indulge at home if you know what I mean. Right after breakfast, I had Eulla give Dada our present to him. I just couldn't wait a day more to have him open it. Plus, Eulla knows where it's hidden and she kept opening and getting the gift.
By lunch time, we headed down to Riverside for the house warming of Ryan Francisco and Family. It was the first time we were to see him after almost a decade. Since 1998, when Eumir graduated from Mapua. It's an hour and 10 minutes drive so I made sure that Eulla takes her nap during the trip so that she is not antsy and cranky at the party.

Francisco Family and Ruanto Family

By the time we got there, there were a lot of people already but Ryan greeted us with his hello and an overwhelming hug. Eumir and I were both happy to see him. Eulla however just woke up and just looked at everyone and lay her head on my shoulders as she tried to tell everyone saying "hello" to leave her alone! What a stuck up baby hehehe!

After eating, Eulla was feeling much better and she asked to be put down instead of being carried. She saw that there's an area where she could play because Ryan made a place for his son to crawl and play with a lot of toys. Eulla ended up playing there, while Eumir and Ryan caught up. We ended up leaving around 5:30pm. We had to leave early tomorrow for Eumir's birthday and I had to prepare all our stuff.

Eulla on Dominique's bouncer. Big girl for it already but she still enjoyed playing on it. Take a look at how bent her legs are for it.

Dominique and Eulla saying bye bye! See you on June 9 for your birthday party!
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Old friend

After Eumir came home from work, we went to Topanga Mall to buy our old time friend a house warming gift. Ryan Francisco contacted us through friendster after almost a decade and notified us that he is now here in California with his family and just bought a house at Riverside. We cant possibly miss this occassion. After all, a Mapua friend from the batibot tambayan is like a family to me and Eumir. The party will be on Saturday, May 5...cinco de mayo. I'll just post about it after the weekend.
After going to Crate and Barrel for the gift, I had to buy some stuff for me and while we were at the mall. I had to browse and look for SALES at Janie & Jack and babyGAP for Eulla's stuff. Of course, I had much luck and was able to buy some trendy stuff for Eulla. I also was able to accomplish what I wanted to get for myself. Thanks LOVE for understanding hehehe! While I was going from store to store, Eulla and Eumir were just strolling around and even went to the playtown since it was near babyGAP. By the time I went out of babyGAP, Eulla and Eumir were set and were both waiting for me. Dada said that Eulla was running around everywhere that he already got his dose of his daily exercise.

Here's Eulla and Dada on the escalator for the second time. Eulla loves going up and down the escalator.

While we were at Dad's house, Eulla played with the bear Ate brought. She pretended that she was playing with a baby. She even kissed the bear, swung the swing and had it take a nap.

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