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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

18 Months

Eulla is one and a half today. Since she was 3 months old, she is still sucking her thumb. She still loves her St. Patricks white lampin which serves as her security blanket. She cannot sleep with out it or suck her thumb without sniffing or holding it. She also knows the difference between other white cloth even with her eyes closed. Pretty cool huh?!?
Eulla has been sleeping through the night since my last post of four days in a row. She also uses her sippy cup more often than her avent bottles for juices. She only uses her avent bottles for her milk. She likes to drink through cups and bottled water. We have no problems in feeding her. She'll eat anything that we give her just as long as its cut into small pieces.
Eulla has been dancing a lot now and sings to backyardiagan songs by screaming words we dont understand. She pretends to trip or fall when she wants attention and says uh oh. She likes to say hi and hello there to everyone she sees. She likes to kiss me and her Dada right away when she knows she's done something bad. For some reason, she stopped doing her beautiful eyes, I dont know why.
Eulla likes to dress up and when she knows she's all glammed up, she would want to hear us say WOW, your so pretty!
Eulla is a handfull! She runs and climbs everywhere now. Eumir is definitely getting his exercises because he runs after her while I scream and call out their names. Maybe from time to time, I would run after her, that is, only if I am not wearing my wedges or pumps. Us moms have to look good you know!
Well, here are pictures of Eulla at 18 months. We all got together at Mom's house late afternoon. So, the whole Villanueva family was there.

For breakfast, I gave her some waffles. She didn't even want to brush her hair when she saw that I was making her waffles. Here is our baby eintein. Eumir calls her that when her hair is everywhere.


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happy 18th eulla!

yay! your hair is growing! Ü

6:38 AM  

her hair is growing slowly hehehe!

9:48 AM  

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