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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dada's 31st Birthday

We went to Huntington Beach at Main Street for Dada's birthday. We were there a little before noon. The weather was perfect because it was in the high 70's while at the valley, it was scorching hot (90's).

Once we got there, there were tons of people because they were having a beach volleyball tournament. We went to the beach once we got there so that we can have a good spot near the water. Eulla seemed like she remembers the place all too well. She just walked on the sand as soon as I put her down on the ground. Before, she felt icky about it because she was getting sand in between her toes. But this time, she was used to it and even ran after Dada who was carrying all our stuff including Eulla's stroller. We just played in the sand and Dada took Eulla in the water but it was still too cold, so they ran back to me and just played in the sand. Around 1pm, there were sooo many people that we decided to have our lunch already. Of course, what is Huntington beach without eating at Sushi on Fire! They have the best rolls there, it cant compare anywhere else.

After our lunch, Eulla took her nap in the stroller while we went for a stroll on main street. I had to go to most of the shops there to see what I can buy for me and Eulla. We enjoyed our day at HB. I dont think we'll ever get sick of this place, all thanks to my brother who first brought us here.


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belated happy birthday eumir! Ü

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