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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dada's b-day gift & a House Warming

Before going to Riverside for the house warming, we decided to celebrate Dada's birthday a day early so that we can have the whole weekend to celebrate. We went to Chowking for their almuchow. We just had a sudden craving of the typical filipino breakfast, the tocino, eggs and rice and the daing with rice and eggs. All I can say is ummm-ummm GOOD! Oh, and we had it to go because its a lot easier to indulge at home if you know what I mean. Right after breakfast, I had Eulla give Dada our present to him. I just couldn't wait a day more to have him open it. Plus, Eulla knows where it's hidden and she kept opening and getting the gift.
By lunch time, we headed down to Riverside for the house warming of Ryan Francisco and Family. It was the first time we were to see him after almost a decade. Since 1998, when Eumir graduated from Mapua. It's an hour and 10 minutes drive so I made sure that Eulla takes her nap during the trip so that she is not antsy and cranky at the party.

Francisco Family and Ruanto Family

By the time we got there, there were a lot of people already but Ryan greeted us with his hello and an overwhelming hug. Eumir and I were both happy to see him. Eulla however just woke up and just looked at everyone and lay her head on my shoulders as she tried to tell everyone saying "hello" to leave her alone! What a stuck up baby hehehe!

After eating, Eulla was feeling much better and she asked to be put down instead of being carried. She saw that there's an area where she could play because Ryan made a place for his son to crawl and play with a lot of toys. Eulla ended up playing there, while Eumir and Ryan caught up. We ended up leaving around 5:30pm. We had to leave early tomorrow for Eumir's birthday and I had to prepare all our stuff.

Eulla on Dominique's bouncer. Big girl for it already but she still enjoyed playing on it. Take a look at how bent her legs are for it.

Dominique and Eulla saying bye bye! See you on June 9 for your birthday party!
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