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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Despedida for Uncle Jun

Jun is leaving for the U.S. army on Sunday, May 13 (mother's day). For the party, we started getting the food ready around 1pm. Mom was at work so it was just up to us (ate, jun and me) to prepare for the party. Jun did most of the cooking - curry shrimp, carbonara, salpicao and more. Eumir grilled the kolbi and bulgogi. Ate made saviche and pot roast. We had fun cooking together. I guess that was part of our quality time.
Around 3pm was the time when people started to arrive. First it was our cousin and her family then Dad's cousin and so on....
There were lots of kids so we decided to put on a movie for them on the mac to have them settle down in one place. We also gave them ice cream. In the middle of the movie sharks tale, they all got bored. So we took a stroll outside. Eulla, Estela and Mitchel enjoyed playing outside. It got pretty tiring.

With Mommy belle and Mommy betty

Now, with Daddy reggie and Daddy eumir

Jun was busy entertaining inside but he did come out to play a little with Eulla. As soon as it got dark outside, Jun did his fire show for the kids. Boy, did the kids enjoy it. They were screaming for more. I was more stressed about it because it hit jun a couple of times. Too bad Eulla was asleep by then. She didn't take a nap at all so by 8pm, she was knocked out. Maybe you can do it for Eulla's party Ninong Jun!

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