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Monday, May 14, 2007

Eulla is sick :-(

Early morning, Eulla and I met up with Betty to go to the park and just hang out. We went to the Petit Park at Devonshire. After having Eulla play in the sand, the swing and the slides, we went to pick up Estella at school. After we picked up Estella, we had some snack at a coffee bar in Northridge Mall. We had the two girls play at the paytown while Betty and I chit chat. Then, when the kids got tired, Betty and I decided to go to babyGAP and shop for the kids. If only our husbands knew that it is expensive for us to hang out together because we end up buying the kids more slippers/sandals (as if they dont have enough). Anyways, after lunch we decided to go home. Eulla and I went to Mom's house to visit.
Once we got to Sylmar, Mom said that Eulla felt hot. I thought that maybe it was just the weather but even after 5 minutes of cooling down in the house, she was still super hot. When we checked her, she had fever of 101.9 F. Mom and Dad gave her some Tylenol while I tried to trick her into paying attention to me instead of the luck...she ended up spitting out most of it. Mom gave her more and finally, she swallowed most of it. Crying and kicking, after an hour, her fever went down. But by dinner time, she was hot again with a fever of 102F. Eumir and I referred to her physician and she asked if Eulla had a cold or a cough but no signs of it. So therefore, the doctor said to just watch her close and give her 1.6 tylenol every 4 hours if shes uncomfortable because it might be an infection trying to come out. She needs to go poop so that her fever will go down. So for the mean's a waiting game.


posted by Eubelle at 9:30 PM


I hope Eulla's back to her healthy, funny ways!!!

11:36 AM  

Belle! Great news! My friend saw the white dress you liked in a bazaar! So I suppose its still available around here. I'll try and get it for you when I chance upon one myself!

9:26 AM  

that is great new. i hope you do get a chance to buy for the both of us :) i will email trina the details for the $. it's perfect timing too because i have an aunt going there first week of june. thank you so much for the effort!

10:05 AM  

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