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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Guessing Game?!?!

What a night! Eulla was crying from 2am to 3am on and off. She has been like this since Monday. The only time she didnt wake up in the middle of the night was yesterday. Eumir and I totally loss sleep because Eulla was so bothered by something. First Eumir thought that she might be hungry, so I got her 7oz of milk. She only finished 5oz of it. Then after a few minutes, she still cried. So we figured she might have gas because of the sound of her tummy. We put the aceite manzanilla on her tummy. She slept for 5 minutes or so, then cried terribly, like she was hurting. So the last thing we could think of was she was teething. We've thought about this since Monday but I'm still not sure. We gave her 1 tablet of the teething tablet and she went to sleep on my tummy. After 5 minutes, she wanted to be in her Dada's arms. Finally, she didnt cry and went to sleep around 3:15am. I was just glancing at her because I know after a few hours, Dada's arm might feel numb with Eulla lying on it but I didnt want to bother her sleep. She was sleeping soundly by then. I hope she sleeps better tonight.
Eumir and I were talking about her in the middle of the night and we definitely saw a big change in Eulla. She seems like she understand more of what we ask from her. She also knows her tricks so well that makes us so proud of her. She loves to kiss and throw flying kisses to everyone especially when she knows she's about to get in trouble. Just yesterday, she brought back her beautiful eyes with the snorting sound which Dada loves by the way. For a whole month, she didnt want to do it.

Eulla enjoying her Mc Donalds Caramel Sundae
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