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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I didn't get to take many pictures for today's occasion. I guess we were all pretty caught up with the fact that Jun is leaving. Around noon time, everyone went to Sylmar (Dad and Mom's house) to eat lunch and to see Uncle Jun off. Eulla played around the house after eating her numero uno pizza. Eumir asked me where I wanted to go for lunch, but I said that I was happy just going to mom's house to see my brother. Here's Eulla with Uncle Jun...

Past 3PM, we went ahead to go to Topanga Mall to continue celebrating Mother's Day. Dad and Mom will be the one to bring Jun to Westin hotel, near LAX around 4:30PM. We just strolled around the mall and bought something for me :) We had Eulla run around the mall including the playtown. Then we just went home to relax and watch some stuff in our DVR.

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMS!
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Hi Belle! How's Jun? Hope he's doing well on his training!

11:35 AM  

we heard from jun friday, may 18 for a minute. he called just to let us know he is doing fine. they dont usually have them use the phone but for some reason he was able to. we are waiting for jun to write to us so we can get his address. that is the only mean of communication that is allowed till boot camp is over. we'll keep you guys posted once we hear from him =)

10:33 AM  

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