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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Old friend

After Eumir came home from work, we went to Topanga Mall to buy our old time friend a house warming gift. Ryan Francisco contacted us through friendster after almost a decade and notified us that he is now here in California with his family and just bought a house at Riverside. We cant possibly miss this occassion. After all, a Mapua friend from the batibot tambayan is like a family to me and Eumir. The party will be on Saturday, May 5...cinco de mayo. I'll just post about it after the weekend.
After going to Crate and Barrel for the gift, I had to buy some stuff for me and while we were at the mall. I had to browse and look for SALES at Janie & Jack and babyGAP for Eulla's stuff. Of course, I had much luck and was able to buy some trendy stuff for Eulla. I also was able to accomplish what I wanted to get for myself. Thanks LOVE for understanding hehehe! While I was going from store to store, Eulla and Eumir were just strolling around and even went to the playtown since it was near babyGAP. By the time I went out of babyGAP, Eulla and Eumir were set and were both waiting for me. Dada said that Eulla was running around everywhere that he already got his dose of his daily exercise.

Here's Eulla and Dada on the escalator for the second time. Eulla loves going up and down the escalator.

While we were at Dad's house, Eulla played with the bear Ate brought. She pretended that she was playing with a baby. She even kissed the bear, swung the swing and had it take a nap.

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