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Thursday, June 28, 2007

4th Year Anniversary

It's been a couple of years since Eumir and I have gone out together ALONE. We asked Dad and Mom if we can leave Eulla with them for the evening so we can celebrate our anniversary. I cant believe its been four years of blissful marriage and a total of 9 years as a couple.
We both just planned a quiet night together and eat at ASAHI (Japanese Restaurant) then watch a movie since we haven't seen a movie at a theater since I was pregnant. The last movie we watched was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We were both excited about watching a movie. Once we got to Winnetka Theaters, we were both looking at each other and laughed because after almost 2 years, the place is so different. There are restaurants all around the theater now and the parking flow has been changed.

Eumir buying our tickets

We decided to see Oceans Thirteen. It was pretty good. We both enjoyed our night out. Very calm and relaxed. I just cant believe that while we were eating our dinner, part of our conversation was Eulla. I guess it's just different now as a couple with a baby than just a couple. You know what I mean people?!?!?


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daddy Pogi's birthday

We celebrated Dad's birthday at Don Cuco's-Santa Clarita. There was a Mariachi band that serenaded us and greeted Dad a very happy birthday. Eulla was so amazed by them playing their instrument, she was clapping along with them. Looks like Dad really enjoyed the band because he was dancing along their music. Too bad Jun and Trina was not there, it would have been a complete set! We miss you Uncle Jun and Tita Trina!!!
Eulla and Daddy Pogi dancing
Eulla blew Dad's candles for the ewan-th time...she enjoyed blowing the candles over and over (in preparation of her 2nd birthday hehehe)

Happy Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sight seeing along the stars of Hollywood

Monday morning, Eumir took the day off to be able bring Michelle around town. I couldn't possibly do it alone because Eulla is a handful. We've planned this way before Michelle got to town.
We went to The Grove first to stroll around and do a little shopping. Then after a few shots of the Grove, we decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Eumir and I were amazed because this place always pact full and for some reason, when we got in around 1pm, we only had to wait for 5 minutes. But right after we were seated, the crowd came rushing in. Boy, were we lucky! We ate our lunch and chatted a little before we headed for Hollywood.

Eulla at Universal Theater Sanrio

Once we were parked, I was not feeling well so I took one of Michelle's paracetamol and we headed to Universal Theater where most of the opening nights of a movie is held. We strolled around the heat of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, there were so many tourist. We went to the Wax Museum right away so we can get away from the heat and we were greeted by a Robin William look-a-like. He was a chatter box! We even had to have him move away from our background because he was in our way to take pictures of the scenes. I know, we were stuck up! hehehe but we were too eager to look at the wax actors rather than joke around a guy who doesn't seem to want to stop talking. We had fun strolling around the wax museum. We took lots of pictures but we ended up using Michelle's camera more (so Michelle, please send us the picures). Eumir was the only one who had the courage to enter the wax of doom. It was too scary for me, Michelle and Eulla. Eulla enjoyed the museum. She didn't even cry or asked to get off her stroller.
Then, after walking a few blocks down Hollywood Blvd, we went to the Chinese Theater where the new footprints and hand prints of the cast of Oceans 13 were newly displayed (Brad Pit, George Clooney, etc.). There were soooo many people looking at the prints that we only stayed to take pictures of the place. We even saw prints of actors as old as 1933. Imagine that!
Since our time was very limited, we had to bring Michelle to Carson City (to another one of her cousin) by 5pm, so that they can take her to Disneyland on Wednesday. Too bad we were not able to take her to any amusement park. The case is so different when we have a toddler with us. Its so much harder to do some sight seeing because we have to make a lot of stops for our little princess. I hope you had fun Michelle!


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Universal City Walk

Eumir's cousin Michelle came from the Philippines a week ago and after her tour at San Francisco with Auntie Nene and family, they dropped her off to our place so we can spend some time with her before she went back to the Philippines. She only had a week to tour California so, we were given a day and a half with her :)
For the rest of the Sunday, since they got here around noon, we decided to bring her to Universal City walk. Eumir and I haven't been there since Eumir got here to the States. We were overwhelmed by the crowd. I guess since it's already summer break for the kids and tour season for the tourist, the walk was full of so many people eager to take pictures of the scene. Eulla I guess was overwhelmed too that she was a bit antsy. She would rather walk than be seated in her stroller. Eumir gave her a few chances of running around the city walk but it was too stressful letting her walk by herself. She can bump into people, trip on the stairs, and even get lost. So, we basically just hanged around long enough to do the strut all around Universal City Walk. Oh, we also had to chance to have Eulla and Michelle drawn by a cartoonist. Their portrait was drawn and airbrushed by a guy who seemed like he really knows what he was doing. Eulla however didn't stay long enough for him to add a few touches to her portrait but they both came out pretty cute and funny!
Take a pose!


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Monday, June 18, 2007

Beauty Tip from the Nisperos Family

Thank you Tita Res for the beauty tip!

"apparently, my sister learned about this beauty regimen from a coworker who has a daughter who is a commercial model. this is the daughter's maintenance daw for the kid's rosy white skin.. (who was also dark when born)" - res

While reading one of Res's post in her son's blog Jeje, I got all excited to try it on Eulla. It is a regimen to turn a chocolaty skin into rosy white complexion. I might even try it when I find enough time. It just takes a lot of efort.

You guys can read it in Jeje's blog. You can click here to find out more about it.
Here is Eulla in her lemon with Jasmine Tea bath. I used lemons instead of calamansi.

Eulla trying to get the lemon seed

Eulla tasting the lemon with Jasmine mixed with warm water

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Like Mother - like daughter :P

I can never forget how many times my Mom told me the stories me trying on her shoes when I was little. My mom told me that I broke several heels of her shoes during my toddler years up to when I was at least 10 years old. One morning, after sorting out the shoes that were in front of our front door, I saw Eulla dragging my shoes to the room. I was having a blast taking pictures of her as she pretended that she was me. She walked from the door of the room to the end of the room babbling and smiling. She even went in the walk-in closet and tried to get another pair of shoes. Oh no Dada, if she is like me...where are we going to put all her shoes!!!
(opening the door to the walk-in closet)
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day My LOVE!!!!
(My love grilling some korean bbq's for our father's day get together)
Still good looking while under the heat of 90 degrees fahrenheit.
What can I say...I'm a BIG fan of his, right LOVE?!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!

The kids...while watching Nanny McPhee
(Eulla, Ethan and Bernie)
ethan & bernie are eulla's cousins


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time for the OUTLET again!

We were at Camarillo a couple of weeks ago with Dad and Mom but I see nothing wrong with going back for some more. So, at 10:30am, we headed to Camarillo Outlet to go on our search for a dress for Eulla and me for Jhelen's debut on July 7. Dada already has a suit and has many choices in neckties, so there's no reason for him to by anything hehehe :D
We went to Saks Fifth Avenue first. Saw a lot of nice dress but it was not the style I was looking for. Instead, I saw a True Religion jeans that I have been wanting for decades (perfect color, perfect fit). I had to get it. Thanks Love...I know you wanted to get it for me! As for other stores, I went to Banana Republic, Max Studio, Betsy Johnson, J. Crew, Max Mara blah blah blah...didn't find anything. I am however still holding on to a dress my love got me from Zara last week...if all fails, I will wear that. As for Eulla, every toddler store I went to had all summer dresses. I have to really go all out to find a dress for my dancing busy bee, Eulla - (she is non-stop).
I hope we find dresses for the occasion soon or budget is kabooom!
(I took pictures from my cellphone because I forgot the camera...I'll post pictures later)


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Friday, June 15, 2007

2nd Friday

This is the 2nd Friday that Dada is home by 12pm. We had tons of plan today and we ended up finishing most of our errands by the end of the day from Santa Clarita to Topanga Canyon...(yep, the malls!)
Having to look for a dress for me and Eulla can be exhausting and expensive. Every time we search and search, I end up finding stuff for me and her BUT not for the occasion. Okay Dada, I know, I have to stop but everything looks to cute, you have to admit, once you see it on us, you say the same thing.

Eulla's feet seems to be getting bigger and bigger. She seemed to have grown overnight! I had to put away several shoes (2 of her Stride Rites, some sandals, and a formal shoes). Once I saw a pair of shoes from GAP and they were on SALE...I just had to get them. I got her a size 6 (For some reason, they looked bigger than a size 6). This little girl have more than 5 pairs of shoes in size 6 not including her sandals but it was perfect for summer. I already figured out what she will wear tomorrow hehehe.
At around 5:30pm, on our way home, Ate called us and invited us for dinner at Max's Restaurant. Who can say no to their chicken, crispy pata and kare-kare...of course...we're there! So after Eumir's hair cut at Reflections, we drove to Glendale for dinner. Once we got there, the whole family was there (except Jun and Trina). We were surprised by the occasion. Once we were seated, Dad told us that this occasion was because Vic had passed his California RN exam. Yepee!!! We're so happy for them. Im so glad it happened at a perfect timing.
While we were there at Max's, we saw some good friends we haven't seen in a while. The whole Cusi Family. It was nice seeing them and chatting even for a short time.


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Thursday, June 14, 2007


We decided to open up another learning toy for Eulla. She's been wanting to learn more about the pictures she sees in the book (ABC) she has. She would get the book and give it to me so I can read it to her but she likes to flip the page before I can finish reading everything on it (impatient little girl!)
It is the Vtech Write & Learn book. It is one way for her to learn her ABC's. I don't want to rush her into things, so I usually wait till she looks like she's interested in it. She has access on a lot of her toys in her room. This time, she's the one who insisted we open this specific toy.


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

19 Months and Spongebob

Eulla is 19 months today. A perfect time to go to a birthday party. Dominic's 1st birthday (Ryan and Rowena Francisco's son). We drove all the way to Riverside to attend a birthday party with a Spongebob theme.
Once we got to their house, there were spongebob decor everywhere. Eulla was in a pretty good mood because she was able to take her power nap and woke up a little before we got there. We were able to see a magic show, waited for the pinata to be ripped into pieces, and GOT TO SEE SPONGEBOB in person! Once Eulla saw Spongebob enter the room, she screamed for joy. She was like telling us..."hey, I know who this is!!!" Here is a picture of her reaction...


a magic show... Picking up candies and toys from the pinata.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

A day of play

Aww, we will sure be missing these kind of days once the house is sold. Eulla played outside Mom and Dad's house. We even had a chance to see and play with the twins next door. Here is Eulla switching from bike to bike while the twins borrowed her red car.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ninang Casey's Graduation Party

My cutie pie...
We went to Eulla's Ninang Casey's Graduation. Casey graduated from Northedame. We ended up just going to the reception. It was held at Salo-Salo located at Glendale. We were there by lunch time. While we waited for Ninang Casey, Eulla enjoyed her time drawing on the table which had some sort of paper on the table. Here are more pictures while we were there...Around 3pm, we left and ended up strolling around Topanga Mall. Eumir owed me a dress hehehe. Finally, after discussing it for the past 3 days, he got it for me. Thanks love!
Congratulations Ninang Casey!!!
Have fun on your trip to the Philippines!!!


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