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Thursday, June 28, 2007

4th Year Anniversary

It's been a couple of years since Eumir and I have gone out together ALONE. We asked Dad and Mom if we can leave Eulla with them for the evening so we can celebrate our anniversary. I cant believe its been four years of blissful marriage and a total of 9 years as a couple.
We both just planned a quiet night together and eat at ASAHI (Japanese Restaurant) then watch a movie since we haven't seen a movie at a theater since I was pregnant. The last movie we watched was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We were both excited about watching a movie. Once we got to Winnetka Theaters, we were both looking at each other and laughed because after almost 2 years, the place is so different. There are restaurants all around the theater now and the parking flow has been changed.

Eumir buying our tickets

We decided to see Oceans Thirteen. It was pretty good. We both enjoyed our night out. Very calm and relaxed. I just cant believe that while we were eating our dinner, part of our conversation was Eulla. I guess it's just different now as a couple with a baby than just a couple. You know what I mean people?!?!?


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belated happy anniv! Ü

santi and i haven't watched a movie alone since last year i think. =P maybe we'll watch die hard 4 or something. Ü

4:36 AM  

i wanted to watch that and harry potter but it wasn't out yet :( it'll be a while till we can watch another movie.

8:57 AM  

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